How To Join Multiplayer Servers in Minecraft 1.16.0 (Pocket Edition, Xbox, PS4, Switch, PC)

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what is going on guys I'm going on back

with a brand new video for you guys

today and today guys I'm going to be

showing you how to join servers in the

new update 1.16 point-o as you guys can

see i am on the new update here the

nether update and yeah i'm gonna be

showing you guys how to join servers but

before I go ahead and get into this guys

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subscribed and um yeah let's go ahead

and get right into this so yeah I'm

gonna be showing you guys how you can

join servers because believe it or not

guys a lot of people don't know how to

do this and so yeah I'm gonna show you

this does work on all versions of

bedrock edition so it's different from

the Java edition of Minecraft so yeah it

will work on ps4 I believe Xbox Nintendo

switch and everything that has bedrock

like iPhone and Android as well I

believe so let's jump right into this so

right off the bat we're on the Start

screen right here and I'm just gonna go

ahead and press on play and then it

should bring up this screen with three

tabs at the top worlds friends and

servers I'm just gonna go ahead and

press on the servers tab and here guys

we have our servers so we have featured

servers which are implemented in the

game or like already in the game there

are the featured ones but you can also

add your own servers and I think that's

what a lot of people want to know as

well how to add your own servers but

before I show you guys that I want to go

ahead and go over the featured servers

here so we have a few featured servers

and basically these are like the most

popular servers in Minecraft I guess so

yeah we have this server coming soon I

think it's called gal excite cubecraft

the hive mind Plex lifeboat cubecraft

again mine Ville and I believe that is

it right there so um yeah these are some

really popular service as you can see

there's like almost 20,000 people on


right here this is cubecraft and once we

click on one of these it'll show the

people it'll show the name of the server

of course like an image as well with it

the people online the ping it'll say

join server in here you can actually

join the server itself but it'll also

give a description and news about the

server so if I go into each one of these

it's pretty much the same thing there

are like 23,000 people on the hive and

this is one of my favorite and one of

the most popular servers in minecraft at

the moment in Minecraft bedrock edition

so yeah we also have screenshots of the

server right here so there are like a

bunch of different game modes in

minigames deathrun skywars

the hub treasure Wars murder mystery

build battle hide-and-seek and so each

one of these servers has similar

minigames or game modes or whatever but

also they have different ones as well so

um like you see here we have we have sky

wars here on this one I don't think we

there is like yeah I don't see sky block

on the hive but in cubecraft they have

sky block and you know also on cubecraft

they don't have some of those stuff that

the hive has so the hive has like death

run some really cool games so I'll go

ahead and join this server right here

and as you can see on this one it also

shows the description it says it has

minigames and it gives available games

as well as well as some news right here

so yeah they have this all filled out

and some of these other servers I think

are still working on that alright here

we have like a description let's see

this one still has default info so yep

they're gonna a get I guess they're

gonna update it later but there's almost

8000 people online Plex so yeah I'm just

gonna go ahead and even join in on the

high just so you guys can see this it

should look like this and you have to be

signed in to your Microsoft account I

believe your Xbox or Microsoft account

so um yeah once you're signed in you

click on

and you have a internet connection of

course you can play online with

different people on these servers so we

are on the hive and as you can see we

have survival games murder mystery

treasure Wars sky wars which is new just

build which is a building mini game

which has updated hide-and-seek and one

of my personal favorites death run right

there so on yeah this is the hive a

super popular server and you can invite

your friends to play with you with this

name tag you have a book to organize

parties and more stuff on the server you

can select your games also like this so

this is a really cool play a really good

server to play on one that I recommend

as well but let's go back so if you want

to leave the server you can just go

ahead and save and quit like you knew

like you usually do if you're in your

own world or something and there's also

a store here which is interesting but

yeah we can go ahead and leave and then

we are back at the server menu now guys

if you want to add your own server just

scroll all the way down to the bottom so

you see featured servers here scroll all

the way down and we should have

additional servers so one additional

server that I added was nether games and

this is another popular server well it's

kind of popular there's like it says

some 300 people on here but um this is

another server it's not on the featured

servers and I wanted to play it so I

just added it the way to edit is you go

to add server and you want to go ahead

and add in the server address and the

port and the port is usually this

default port which is 1 9 132 but you're

just gonna want to go ahead and put the

server name the server address and you

should be good to go so if I go to add

server if you have a server that you

want to play let's say if your friend

has a server that you want to join go

ahead and put the server name in which

I'm pretty sure that can be like

anything server address just go ahead

and put the IP or the address for the

server and then whatever port it is if

it's that poor or a different port and

then you can either play right away or

save it into the list and it should show

up right here but yeah guys let me go

ahead and join

another server for you guys to see or I

could join another game server just to

show you guys that it does work I did

add this server just go ahead and join

server like that and it should take a

while but not a while it should take

like a few seconds hopefully and then

you can go ahead and join and play so I

am in this server right here there's

people in there it does work and if I'd

go back there are there's another server

that is still that's coming soon as you

can see so if there's a server that's

coming soon it'll usually show it might

show something like this and like

default stuff if you try to join it

it probably won't let you join so you

guys will see yep it's a coming soon and

something about news and stuff and but

yeah guys that's pretty much it I hope

this helped you out definitely leave a

like if it did and yeah subscribe for

more thank you guys so much for watching

I'll catch you guys in the next one and

I am out peace