How to Join a Channel in Discord!

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when it comes to messaging online it's

hard to compete with discord originally

built as a way for gamers to communicate

during online competitive or cooperative

gameplay this Court has since expanded

far beyond its target demographic with

voice and video calls instant messaging

and online servers available through the

app it's one of the most complete

messaging clients online in 2020 one of

the best features discord offers inside

the app are servers which makes it super

easy to invite dozens of friends or to

build the community of strangers within

the app each server in discord is made

up of channels where you can talk about

anything that pertains to the specific

topic of each Channel of course if

you're looking to join a channel in

discord you might not know where to look

thankfully it's super easy to join the

channel in discord open the app on your

desktop or laptop PC to begin if you

aren't already on a server which posts

the channel make sure you join that

server first many popular servers are

open to the public and can be found on

websites like top dot GG if you're

looking to be added to a private server

you may be able to have a friend or

contact to find and add you personally

regardless to get into a channel you

absolutely have to be on that server

first to join a channel all you need to

do is select the server from your list

of servers along the left side of

discord desktop app then select the

channel from a list of channels that

opens in each servers respective panel

discord separates channels into voice

and text channels so if you're having

trouble finding the correct channel to

join make sure you drop down the channel

menu for both text and voice

on mobile it's just as easy tap on the

triple lined menu icon any top-left of

the app to open your discord menu then

tap on the server you want to join from

the server icons to the left just as on

desktop this is where you'll find your

list of channels to join sorted by both

text and voice tap on the channel you

want to join to jump in a chant if you

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