How To Audition For DCI!

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hey guys what here and today I'm going

to be talking about how to audition for

a drum corps I've been getting lots of

messages on social media Instagram

Facebook about about this and I figured

I would help out it's a similar

situation as what I had whenever I was

looking into marching drum course I

didn't know where to start I didn't

really know anybody who had marched

recently and I didn't know where to


so it would have definitely been nice to

have something like this to where I

could go for some answers or at least a

little jumpstart so step one of

beginning your audition process is doing

research you got a research first so

what core you want to go out for it's

much more than just looking and saying

oh hi Kourt that core is really cool

appeal I mean it has a lot to do with

that but every core has a different

personality I connected with the Scouts

because I'm an Eagle Scout and I had a

lot of scouting in my past but every

every core will connect with you

differently and every core is a

different energy a different way they

perform a different style a different

way of how they convey their music I

think it's really important for you to

step step one of this like a subset you

need to contact somebody who is marching

there currently or has recently marched

they're going to be the best sources for

you to get your foot in the door in that

program and really get a feel of what

that course like I know members people

like me are out there we love to help I

love helping people get into the

passionate drum corps I love spreading

my passion for drum corps and so if you

if you find somebody who marched that

coil that you want to March talk to them

try and get a hold of them get some

advice a a step to that subset is going

to be like look into a course history

I know Scouts another reason why they

connected with me as I said in previous

videos the history behind it with second

oldest core like but besides cadets and

I think that history really means a lot

to me but like I said everyone's

different so different cores are going

to speak differently with different

people so step one do your research step

number two

of your audition process is after you've

done your research go find that cours

website and book yourself an audition

auditions usually come around around

October because November is when camps

start so you really need to look into

that as once the season gets over

there's going to be this period of like

a month or two where nothing really goes

on but that's that's when you need to be

checking those websites auditions do

cost usually a little bit for Scouts it

cost about ninety nine dollars but that

counts all of your audition process so

that's really an expensive some course

make you pay per campe Scouts do not but

you need to get that audition because

that's the first step of making your

dream happen you can't just sit back and

well I'm gonna over March - of course

I'm there but you gotta take that first

step you know so even if you don't plan

on marching this like for this season

that those auditions are for the more

you audition a better chance you're

gonna have of making the quotes you want

to make so in my case I got cut for the

2014 season with Scouts I got kind of

didn't make it to a camp I was pretty

upset about that my audition for

troopers and I didn't go on with them

obviously but you want you want to

audition more and more so you make it

cut like I did but you got to come back

on fire the next year and take what you

learned and that that's going to lead to

my third step that leads me to step

number three be a sponge whenever you go

to audition camps or maybe you

auditioned via video chat you need to be

able to soak up every single bit of

information as a text or the staff or

whoever is giving that information soak

that all up take it in because like I

said if you could cut like I did in 2014

you can use that information to come

back on fire for the next season and go

out of course look for improvement if

you come back and really improve like I

I know that I improved significantly in

between 2014 and 2015 season when I made

it now there is a night and day

difference so be spun don't be afraid to

ask questions

that's what the staff is there for they

just want you to be the best musician

that you can possibly be for that drum

corps so don't take it like don't take

offense to being cut

it's they are looking for a specific set

of like experience like making top cores

it's it's hard you gotta have a lot of

different experience you gotta be really

really talented and so just know that

just like you're going up against some

of the most talented musicians in this

field in the world so you got be

offended just go back an audition so

don't wait my point tying it back into

point number two don't wait to book your

audition just even if you don't plan on

marching like that season audition

anyway and see what information that the

staff has to give you and that's going

to lead to my conclusion so once you do

those three steps you don't you don't

your research you booked your audition

and you soaked up all that information a

core can give you three options they can

give you a contract which means that

you're ready for the Corps and the Corps

is ready to invest in you you could get

a callback which means hey we see your

potential come back next camp real

edition show us how much you can improve

in in one month and or you can get cut

and that's unfortunate cuz I I know how

that feels but not I both can March drum

corps at the event for that season not

everyone can be in the drum corps not it

not everyone is cut out for it

unfortunately but the only thing that

you can do is follow follow the process

taking all that information be confident

like be overconfident don't be cocky but

be over be confident and and to show

them that you want to be there show them

that you want to put in the effort show

them that you want to get better and if

you do get cut and then come back the

next year on fire that's all I got to

say I mean I do that and works out and

you just I keep trying and that's why I

say audition as soon as you get that

feeling of March drum corps even if you

don't want to March that season

get in there audition get your name out

get your foot in the door so to speak

and just just get out there and try it

and that's all you can do so

I wish you guys the best of luck thanks

for watching if you have any questions

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