How To Get A Job Inside A Proprietary Trading Firm! ✨

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in this video traders are going to talk

about applying for a trading job stay


hey guys warm welcome to all right so

applying for a train job two parts this

video one is if you want to apply to a

prop firm the other is just applying

generally to be a trader many years ago

I put an article an advert out there

requesting a traders assistant I was in

my office I'll be looking for somebody

to help me out do some kind of a legwork

for me and do some research for me may

play some trades just do some bits and

pieces now whilst this wasn't a trade my

money type role there was definitely a

situation where if they were good I

would have given them some capital to

trade with but initially it was let's

just see what you're about can you take

some of the workload off me in terms of

research in terms of watching things

from day to day that kind of stuff so as

far as get to thinking okay let's just

look at this from a perspective now if

you were hiring a trainer so from your

perspective if you were applying for a

job let's say a prop firm now first

thing you'd obviously do is you're gonna

wring out the prop firm and say hey I'd

like to apply what do you need from me

and they might say this this this and

this but regardless of that what would

be a really good approach for you if you

wanted to approach either somebody with

capital or a firm with capital or

whatever and the role of a trader

what you need well the obvious thing

which will be the best thing would be to

have a decent track record but I get

that many people don't have the capital

to have achieved that over a long period

of time and the whole point though most

people want up trade is because they

want to get access to capital they feel

you're good but you haven't quite got

kind of 200 grand sitting there to make

it worth your while and trade so the

perfect scenario is you've got a nice

track record with decent size in which

case you can go to a prop firm and you

can sit down and they will offer you a

deal been there done that you sit there

you show them what you've got and

they'll offer you a deal you either say

yeah you know what that's great or you

say no it's not for me I'd rather go

elsewhere or either not get involved in

it or depend on what constraints do some

people will put certain constraints on

ooh some people say hey you've got to do

this you've got to do that we're gonna

scale up your buying power we're going

to do this do this

it's not very good or as good it's not

good you've got a tray through there

broke with Commission's so many things

to look at regardless of that let's

rewind so if you haven't got that long

track record what else can you do

so the first thing you need to do guys

is to have some kind of try record some

thing to show that you've been trading

now really you want real money even if

ok people don't care so much right if

you've got a real money track record of

some sorts you don't have to have been

killing it you don't have to been doing

this now if you go track record with a

very small account and you haven't been

making any money or not much money

you're unlikely to be given a million

pound line right we know that but if

you've got a track record of a strategy

that seems to be have some mileage or it

seems to be doing ok even if we're

talking on my new account that's a good


what people want to see is that you've

got a good work ethic you've got

potentially a strategy or strategies

that could be built on or maybe

strategies that could be given to you

that are similar to what you're doing

existing lis that might be able to grow

into something meaningful and just

literally a passion for the markets they

know that you're coming to them because

you don't have the capital pass or don't

don't worry about that don't go there

and say well you know I you know just

say I don't have the capital I've been

trading ok on a small amount or I've

been trading this and it's not been

doing as well as I thought but I think

with the right guidance and this and

that it could be and they're going to

kick you out so having some kind of

track record for real money is great

guys obviously if it's profitable the

better because the easier things come

across the desk you look at it go right

what's the strategy blah blah is no

track record ok if I added money to this

person if I gave them capital what I see

a return on it well based on this yes so

not only the track record but also

describing what your strategy is because

sometimes you get statements through

your looking you takes a while to work

out exactly what the heck the strategy

is if there's a hit and risk in it that

kind of thing where someone says ok this

is my strategy it's based on this this

this and this and here's how execute

this is what I've got that is a good

starting point and actually you might

find somebody says listen I'm happy to

train you up even if that is not

necessarily making money or big money

then this has got something about it

that's that the track record if you

don't have a track record and you only

have a demo that's something it's not

best and you're probably not gonna get

anywhere with a demo admittedly because

they're saying well why don't you just

put a small amount of money and you can

you sure you feel that kind of into

trade you can scrape together enough

just to open a really small account I

mean you know one of these other brokers

it just takes less than a thousand

pounds you can just get started for that

so demo account I wouldn't be so great

about it so just have some real money

but the other thing is people want to

see is they want to see you don't want

to be in this to get rich you know

you're not in it just to get rich quick

you really because you enjoy the markets

you enjoy the challenge you enjoy the

gaming clear you enjoy thinking about

things differently than others and

you've got a general approach that's our

passion for the markets willingness to

do whatever it takes to kind of progress

yourself and the ability to take

guidance from others who have perhaps

been there perhaps done that so in a

nutshell guys strategy is best if you've

got some form of strategy that's got

some sort of success even if you've

traded multiple strategies and all of

those together haven't done as good as

they could have done you could maybe

pick one or two and say hey I've traded

this account this accounts not been

doing so well but these strategies here

have maybe got some potential and then

explain them alright so that's the kind

of thing you would do now listen the

average prop firm may well kick you out

because you haven't got strategy that's

making good money with a decent capital

already that you know you were getting

to the door of a prop foe if you went

and you have a say 25 grand account

you're making good money at it they

would see you all day every day and have

an interview in their chat with you and

say hey this is a deal coming to a

partnership you're less likely to do it

if you've got a smaller account but you

never know if you persist with it you

might well find you get yourself a

decent position with a prop firm or even

a small family fund possibly you know

just showing the passion and desire for

it it might be able to pay you smaller

amount than somebody who's more

experienced and train you up into

managing some positions perhaps being an

order filler that kind of stuff so I

guess the moral of this video guys is

all the lesson behind this video is just

if you want to get involved in something

like that with a

with a company with something then you

know don't be frightened of sending

stuff that isn't as polished that you'd

like it's not the massive strategy

that's making all the money you'd like

if you segment it down if you show them

what you've been doing you never know

you might find someone who says you know


I'll keep this guy a girl of Troy anyway

guys take care good luck whatever you do

bye bye