How good do you need to be to join a darts team?

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hey guys what's up welcome to the darts

class today I'm going to talk to you

about how good you need to be to play in

a darts team just a quick reminder if

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let's get into it the other day I

uploaded a video could the 5 things that

you need to know before you join a darts

team a proper card up here now so if you

haven't seen it you can click on that I

had a really good response to that video

but the main thing that I had was people

in the comments thinking that they're

not good enough yet to join a team well

here's a secret guys there is no minimum

ability for joining the darts team I've

played in teams and against teams that

have literally taken a random person in

the park who has never played before to

fill in this place on the team if

they've been short they just get whoever

standing around to play it's much better

for somebody to fulfill the game than to

have it a walkover and not play at all

therefore if you're a keen dart plan

you're playing at home and you can hit

the board there will be teams out there

willing to take you on just being

reliably available to play every week is

enough for a lot of teams to get you in

their squad you may have to earn your

place in the starting team in my league

for example we play six games of singles

best of three followed by three games of

doubles best of three the new players

normally start with a couple of doubles

games for a few weeks until they earn

their way up to being in the first six

but then there are some teams that have

a shortage of players so you might get

right in there and play a singles match

in your first week so the main thing is

to just put yourself out there you may

get nervous the first time you play you

might get drawn against the best pro in

the league you might get drawn against

the worst player in the league there is

no bottom limit to ability in normal

local league dance if you want to join

one of the better teams in the league

sure they might expect a certain level

of ability but to be

in my local league there are 16 teams

within those 16 teams there's probably

only two or three that are very beginner

wouldn't get a place in so if you start

in your local league you'll soon get an

idea just how good you are then if

you're looking to progress and improve

and play more and more you might look at

Super League and things like that with

Super League there are minimum

requirements for each team

but in my County there are three leagues

the bottom league again there's not a

minimum requirement really you can get a

game in most Super League counties by

just working your way from the bottom

upwards you won't know if you're good

enough until you start playing so I

can't implore it enough if you want to

play league dance there should be

nothing holding you back be confident

get involved the worst case scenario is

that you go out to the pub and you play

a game of darts and you lose nobody in

the darts community will get on top of

you if you're the poor player in the

team not so tall people are supportive

they'll give you tips you've got all the

time in the world to practice now trust

me you will surprise yourself and you

will not be the worst player in your

league if you are already playing a

league and you're thinking about how

good do I need to be to play Super

League that differs from County to

County I play Premier Division in my

County and I've done a video where I

explore how good I think you need to be

to be one of the top players in your

County proper card up there now if you

click on that you'll see me playing and

against a computer there to a good

standard that's the standard you've got

to be if you want to be competing at

their very top or super league but there

are all different types of standards in

all counties so there you go there's no

big revelation there you don't have to

have any skill ability at all you just

have to turn up to play in your local

dance league

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