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yo what is going on guys welcome back to

a brand new video and in this video I'm

going to be showing you how to play the

surf maps in counter-strike let's be


okay so first you're gonna want to go to

the menu of the front page of csgo

go to Settings menu go to game right

here you'll say enable developer console

click yes and then play csgo official

matchmaking community server browser

right here click on it just press ok and

then you'll see all of this stuff all of

this and then right here on the search

bar you're gonna type in surf underscore

and then you'll see all of these surf

servers you can click any of them like

this like let's go test out this first

one and then you just click connect and

then I will connect you to the surf

server alright guys we are now connected

in the surf server I hope you enjoyed

this video if you did hit the like

button and subscribe for more videos

like this and coming down what video I

should do next any tutorials gameplays

anything like that yeah if you enjoyed

the video and as always I'll see you

guys in the next video peace