CSGO Clan Recruitment - HOW TO JOIN A CSGO CLAN/TEAM 2020

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hey guys how's it going

psy today i'm going to be showing you

guys how you can join kinetics

csgo so we didn't actually originally

plan to open up a cs go team but we got

a lot of suggestions from our community

and a lot of you guys just really

pushing forward that we should so we


why not we'll give it a shot we want to

get our name out there in the csgo

community a lot

more so in today's video i'm gonna be

taking you guys step by step showing you

everything you need to know and how to

eventually be recruited

kinetics but before we jump into it hit

that subscribe button

because we are so close to 3 000

subscribers and if you guys could help

us achieve our goals and we would really

be grateful and it would mean the world

to us

so of course we're gonna have some basic

and general requirements that we need

you guys to meet before

we actually uh feel you deserve a spot

on our team now we're looking for people

that know a lot about the game and have

a lot of experience they put the time

into it they have a lot of hours and

they're just very confident in

themselves because that is going to set

you apart from the beginners and the


and people that we are actually looking

for now into the rank

minimum it's gonna have to be gold nova

one because

we feel this is the minimum rank that we

are looking for

now of course we can make exceptions for

certain players

and certain people but that's gonna be

pretty rare so just stick to the main

rank requirement to be gold number one

because we feel

this isn't a hard requirement to hit but

it's also

separating again from the people that we

are looking for and the people that we

are looking for

in short terms now moving into the next


and that's gonna have to be your actual

facebook level now let's go ahead and

talk about faces

so if you are a face and player and you

played a lot we're gonna be looking for

you to be at least

level five minimum now we have it set at

level five because we feel there's a lot

of beginners out there and when we're

actually gonna go play faces it's not

really gonna be good

and sufficient practice for us as a team

and we're not really gonna learn that

much from it so that's why we have it at

level five

again we can make some exceptions but

just stick to that main

requirement and moving into esea if you

actually do play it gonna be

a minimum of c now the e-s-e-a

ring will not be required because that's

kind of a more

out there kind of platform and we're

just going to be sticking to the main

one and that's going to be face it so

just make sure that you are

faced at level 5 and if you do happen to

play esea

make sure that your rank bare minimum

let's see

all right so moving to the part of the

video that you have all been waiting for

and i'm gonna be showing you guys how

you can actually go about getting a try


and trying to actually be on the team

now i'm gonna need y'all to join our

discord it's the first link

in the description below and once you're

there you guys can go ahead and get

yourself some roles from the role select

go ahead read the info see what we're

about make sure you got the rules down

and memorized and things along that line

once you actually feel that you guys are

ready to try out going over to the how

to join channel here it's going to list

all of our recruiters so for this video

in particular you want to go on over to

jyn and send them a message be like hey

i want to try out for the cs go team and

he's going to try and get back to you as

soon as possible please be patient with


because they are people they got live

and like i said they'll try to get back

to you as soon as they can and we're

also looking for content creators

and if that peaks your interest you guys

can go ahead and apply for that

ian bronco if you guys want to be a

designer or editor we're actively

looking for those too but anyways

that's pretty much it for the video guys

hope you all enjoyed let me know

down in the comment section below if you

guys are grinding for it or

if you have any questions feel free to

let me know because i try to reply to

every single comment as possible and i

would be more than happy to help you all


anyways don't forget to subscribe and

yeah see you all next time