Destiny 2 HOW to UNLOCK The CRUCIBLE PVP - Quickplay and Competitive Playlists

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what is going on bull nation and welcome

to another destiny 2 video in today's

video i'm going to tell you guys

how you're going to be able to unlock

the crucible or pvp

if you're going to be logging into

destiny and be like how come i can't get

into crucible today i'm going to teach

you guys how you're going to be able to

unlock it

and what you need to do in order to have

access to the crucible but before we get

started do want to remind you guys are

going to planning on needing help with

the raid or needing help

with trials make sure you guys click on

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when the raid or when charles goes live

but without further ado let's go ahead

and talk about how you're going to be

able to access the pvp playlist or


in a destiny 2. so in order for you to

be able to unlock the crucible what

you're going to need to do

is you're going to need to go ahead and

play the story mission once you get to

the campaign mission called the spark

you're going to go ahead and need to

complete this mission once that mission

is completed

you are going to be able to have access

to crucible now do keep in mind higher

level of competition will become

available only as your guide and grow

stronger in power

it when you're playing the crucible

playlist so once again guys in order for

you to unlock the crucible on destiny 2

you're going to need to complete the

spark mission and there you guys have it

that is how you're going to be able to

unlock the crucible if you have

any questions regarding pvp or destiny 2


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