Easy method to join a crochet chain with a slipstitch

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hello I'm Whitney today I want to show

you something I was making a scarf and

then I have to chain two hundred and you

must fasten them with a slip stitch but

look it's all twisted and turn around so

it's very difficult to see where you

where your line is going straight so I

now have a tutorial how to make it easy

for you to fasten off with a slip stitch

in a long line of chains and my English

is not that well because I'm Dutch

but the tutorial is very nice to see so

please follow start with your beginning

chain and like so and the first one just

a little bit bigger than the others

because there we must make it to the

hook so you chain 20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 and

then when you have 20 when you fast them

you put the yarn under your hook in here

in this one so

make a longer loop pull your hook out

turn your work and then in the first

stitch you gonna make only this one on

your hook like so then make the chains

like so make your stitch on the hook

check one more time that like so the

chain must be the fees the the chain is

like this you see all the fee stitch

like that I have I mean so then you're

going to chain how much you must have

I'm going to chain ten one two three

four five six seven eight nine ten you

see that the line is becoming longer but

it stays here so you don't have to be

afraid that it's going out of your hook

it stays there so you see now I have

make thirty stitches you can make two

hundred four hundred thousand doesn't

matter these two are always in line with

each other

and now we're going to pull the yarn

through the first stitch like so and

always you have closed your line

straight you don't have to worry that

it's twisted because you put it on your

hook that's how I make my chains

stitches for round one I hope this was a

good tip good tutorial and excuse for my

English but I want to show you because

it it's just a nice help for all who

love to crochet I wish you a nice day

Frankie greetings from the Netherlands

and hope to see you soon why