GTA 5 How To Join a Crew Online

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what's up grass ruching documents

they're gonna play GTA 5 today I'm gonna

so yesterday we yesterday she nice today

within the street we did about this car

is it nice yes coming district towards

this trigger next week I don't know what

I'm gonna upload it Clark

first of all today guys I will show you

how to go

let's join a crew like giggles wanna

join Ruby don't know

well I'm your tutor and we teach you I'm

gonna help you guys

first of all you press on position

option online you see jobs job join his

friends join a crew member

ladies suits can happen to you this one

players clear crew clear swap player

British soccer commercial it's bad

options find you leave online we go in

crew when you have my crew so check sock

tested crew friends or share with

friends and with in in in invites

requests Lebow so which one are

sometimes people on value John is you

have GTA work ranking is this one color

green action brawler we the more beef

around the world this one now so Keisha

I'll group yourself five ranking yeah

yeah how much people join tell you you

have a lot of people like I wanna join

team payment color LPT yeah this one so

John you would like you will be kicked

out the coaches if you want to joining

your now what we are talking now you

have change including returning to like

she can change the crew driven

you know it should take you there if

took you there I mean you're doing it

dry now let's see let's double check guy

if we're now in clear here we are

my crew is that now you can join for

Grand Avenue about popping pills do it


I think it's me to dink bullets busting


hey that's all okay I think it's much

watching healthy bottom that's Oscar

Adam and he toxin monkey is Sangha pizza