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oh boy

man she's been cooking up a storm this

is gonna be great

oh oh hey guys how's it going yeah

supergirl has been cooking up a store

all day boy thanksgiving

crusader loves this holiday i'm going to

be getting my eat on we're going to have

turkey mashed potatoes gravy cranberries

the whole business

but enough of that i know what you guys

want and that's the content

well the crusaders definitely going to

give you guys something to be thankful


because in this video i'm going to show

you guys

how to get in the navy federal credit

union stay tuned


happy thanksgiving everybody you're not

gonna believe some of the things that

we've been

talking about uh superheroes around the

thanksgiving table i mean

first of all superman i know he's got

super hearing he's getting fat

and uh miss marvel i i'm pretty sure

she's getting a divorce

but i mean enough of that stuff you guys

came here for the content

and the crusader is ready to drop it on

you listen up

navy federal credit union now i really

haven't talked about this bank

in any of my previous videos but i will

say that navy federal credit union is

one of the best banks to get

don't try it with cpn though all right

you've been warned

but as far as a social security number

try to get into navy federal

if you can get in there i mean they're

really the rates are great they have

great credit cards

their mortgage rates uh personal loans i

mean they're just a really great bank to

work with

again the only catch is they don't just

let everybody in you have to have a

military affiliation

or you have to live with somebody who

has a navy federal credit union

account but there's some things that i'd

like to let you know

the person who you have a military

affiliation with as far as a family


is concerned they don't even have to be

alive like if you had a grandfather who

died in world war ii

that counts so let's think i mean most

people have two grandfathers chances are

they had a grandfather in the war

i guess that are more my age but after

that i mean

in vietnam uh any sort of conflict where

you know you had a family member that

passed away

they can still be used to get you into

navy federal credit union

you just have to see their discharge

papers or the papers that show that they

were killed in combat

now if you don't have a grandfather that

died in the war or

was in the military and um you're still

trying to get an navy federal you can do

something called the family tree method

now this is how this works i can't

believe i'm telling you guys this i mean

there's some people charge for this just

so you know and

i'm giving you just give it to you guys

for free

i mean aren't you guys thankful that the

crusader is here

on youtube giving it all up so without


ado the family tree method is a way for

you to go ahead and

get into navy federal by way of a family

tree well what does that mean

so if you have a roommate that's um

not in navy federal if they have a


that was in the war they can get into

navy federal and if they have a navy

federal account

because you live together then he can

get you in he doesn't have to

necessarily be affiliated with the


so pretty much anybody that you live

with that has a navy federal account can

sponsor you to get in

so let's just get creative here i mean

you can just have you know

have your roommate see if he can get

into navy federal or

take it a next step further and start

you know looking around to see you know


uncles distant family relatives i'm sure

somewhere down the line somebody was in

the military

and you go ahead and just take it down

until it gets to you

but a bing bada boom now for some people

it's going to be easier than others

but it's pretty much if you use this

method pretty much anybody can get into

navy federal i mean think about it it's

like the 10 degrees of separation

but everybody's just 10 degrees

separated from everybody else

so i mean think about it just food for


now speaking of food i gotta get back to


yelling at me saying hey i gotta get

back to the table are you serving

dessert and i don't wanna miss it

so don't forget to hit like and

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crusader out