How To join Classes on Blackboard.?

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welcome everybody in this video i will

tell you

how to join classes

in blackboard so

let's start firstly

login for your uid

and passcode

here it is

so in this section you will have some

course rooms according to your

classes you can enter into

your classroom section

let's say we have artificial


and machine learning course in this


we have blackboard

collaborate in this we will

click and during the time

you will you will see

a another option of joining the class

like in tuesday you have some lecture


lecture two lecture three so therefore

in this section there will be creating a

another room for

that in that you have to click

this course room is related to teacher

and the

another room that will be created by the


will be shown for you for your classes

during your particular lectures

so i will explain

through this i mean through teachers

collaborate room so enter into this

so in the same you will enter in the

course room

here you will see the skills of students

student and instructor you can

share your audio you can share your


you can raise your hand up there

for this small box if you want to chat


everyone you can click on there and type


message and if you want to

chat with the instructor then type the


of him or her

okay so you can chat on there

and if you want to share some content if

the if moderator means the

person who is attending the class will

give you an authorization to share


during the lecture then you can share

from here

and there here is some settings the


that you can

change from there if you want to

sound lower up and down notification


like this kind of you can easily

put there so

that's all thank you everyone i hope

you like the video and

you know something how to

how to perform your classes

thank you