How to Use Skype for Free Video Conferencing, Virtual Meeting and Calling (2020)

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hey guys Tecna met you at the video for

you guys to show you guys how to use

Skype for free videoconferencing and

calling our show to host virtual

meetings and how to join them and also

to create your own meeting so in this

video we're gonna talk to you guys to

how to create like a Skype account and

then also signing in and about all the

features that Skype ass similar to zoom

and WebEx Skype is also there for your

video conferencing option if you guys

aren't familiar with it and if you guys

are looking for videos around zoom and

web apps also check out our channel for

those videos so we're gonna take you

guys to Skype today so if you open up

Skype here if you need to download skype

on your iPhone or your Android phone

simply go to Apple Store or the Google

Play Store and just type in Skype in

this should be one of the first things

that pop up so once you're on it open it

up after you download it and then you'll

notice this screen by off the bat so

simply if you are actually joining a

meeting on skype to put the hosts should

have sent you a link you could just

click on that link after you download

the app it'll open up the meeting

whenever it's time for you to meet but

if you're hosting a meeting you need to

create an account um so let's go ahead

and show you guys how to how you would

do that to create an account simply

click on this button here and then it

will tell you to you know either signing

or create once if you create one it'll

ask you your phone number email and then

they'll send you a thing to confirm and

then to set your password and then you

can get back in and you know sign in

here so I'm gonna go ahead and sign in

to mine so give me a second or two once

I sign it I'll show you guys what it

looks like when you create an account

inside and some of the options for video

and audio as well it's pretty

straightforward to use Skype you know

isn't as popular as zoom or WebEx but it

still can get the job done if you guys

are looking for another option for video

conferencing or so so I'm here just

going through

and to show you guys how simple it is

I'm just going to you know sign in here

um so once you're signed in you'll be at

this screen right here as you can see

right now I'd be Larry but this is the

screen whenever you're signed in and

then once you're in here what do you

want to do is simply you know check out

these three bottom option this is if

you're looking to chat with someone that

has Skype you can chat with them call

option is here and then the contact your

contact list as well so we're gonna go

into this this option so if you want to

sync up your contact you'll always do

that to see who has Skype or if you want

to invite people there you can do that

so that's something you know personal

preference so we're gonna go to call so

this is the option where you have all of

the information around calling so simply

to call you to start actually actually

our own video conference meeting simply

you're gonna hit this button for that

video and then once you do that you'll

this single pop-up where it says you can

either share you know invite with anyone

um even if they don't have Skype or you

can join a call but you don't even need

a Skype account all you need is the link

so we're going to continue and once you

hit continue you'll see right now it's

turned my front-facing camera on but we

can switch the two back camera by

hitting that button and also you will

notice there's a couple option this

screen first thing is to start a call or

you know share in light so what do you

want to do is share 'invite so once you

share invite you can send them through

the message email or copy the link that

they give you and forward it to someone

also you'll notice these two button

appear where it's for the camera option

by default we saw these being on you can

turn it on and off by toggling this

button so these are on right now and

then you can toggle it to mute it or you

know take your camera offline so that's

what those button there is for and then

once you do that you can hit the start

the call and you'll see now we're in a

meeting right now


but in you would end the call the video

looking icon would you know start the

video and then this is for all you know

your speaker on and off so here as you

can see I'm the only one right now

because I haven't invited but if I sure

they invite again I could do that as

well so that's how you start a call so

I'm gonna go ahead end it right now

and once I end it it's gonna just end

that or if I want to teach you know

letting you enjoy I can copy and send

this or add people to this by you know

people in my contact or so so that's how

you get started with calling and doing

all of that so that's those are the main

features that you want to look for

account if you want to look at your

account setting of course you see that

pop-up which says profile and said if

you click on that notifications here and

that's pretty much it and then you can

sync your contact here some demo

contacting but that's pretty much to

just those skype similar to the other

one Xing Conference conferencing app

there is out there hopefully this video

is helpful please make sure to hit that

like and subscribe button and thanks for