How to Become a Competitive Gamer! (Console eSports Player)

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all right what's up everybody it's

reclaimer and today i've got a very

special tips video for you guys

well then i've been asked about numerous

times and comments and in tweets and on

live streams how to become a competitive

player and this is not specific to halo

but I will be relating most of my

experiences back to halo so this really

this really can be like this advice that

I'm about to give you can really be used

for for any eSport and I say any eSport

kind of relatively I'm gonna I'm gonna

say for sure console eSports I'm not

sure about eSports like counter-strike

or like League or or anything like that

I'm not sure because obviously I haven't

experienced those scenes and I think my

game froze yeah anyway yeah I'm not

gonna talk about those too much because

obviously I don't know too much about

them but it works pretty similarly in in

console eSports so like halo Call Duty

Madden or not man what am I talking

about there's a Madden scene but I'm not

really sure how it works there Gears of

War stuff like that so I I've played at

an amateur level for a few years called

duty and halo I've been to plenty of

events I've competed it at at one and

I've I've met a lot of people and I've

beat some pretty notable people and I

talked I've had conversations with some

pretty notable people and stuff like

that so I feel like I'm pretty qualified

to talk about this so so I'm just gonna

give you guys sort of the rundown this

is going to be sort of basic sort of

unscripted this is sort of how this will

be sort of a story about how I got into

the scene and also some tips for you

guys as to as to what you can do to just

sort of break out into whatever scene it

is that you're trying to break out and

because I feel like like I said I feel

like I've done it pretty pretty

successfully thus far and and I've done

it across two games at this point so

like I said unscripted I'm playing live

so so we're just gonna be we're gonna be

talking about it but before before I

talk about anything I just want to say

apologies for the the the lack of videos

over the past couple days I've I really

it wasn't because of lack of motivation

or like laziness or anything I've been

sort of sort of under the weather and

not not feeling all that great the past

couple days but

I I know I only went like two or three

days without posting video but I'm back

better than ever and I got a special

surprise coming for you in the next

couple days also so things are about to

get lit coming up on 1k so everybody get

excited because the future of this

channel is about to be lit but today

we're here to talk about becoming a

competitive player so that's we're gonna

talk about so basically first I play

call duty for a couple for a couple

years before I got into halo holy bad

shots but a lot of people don't know

this I started out on halo playing halo

as a little kid and I always played I

always played in loved table I played

the campaigns and I was kind of a knew

for a while but eventually I became

because by the time I started getting

into competitive and stuff halo was that

was pretty underground it was it was in

between reach and Halo four and

obviously the viewership took a major

dip that weren't any events for a few

months and then this was before

halo 4 stuff started happening and even

then it was it was fairly underground so

I became a competitive call duty player

and I was dad 40 for a couple years

before I became a competitive halo

player but basically the the first thing

you got to do is that you just gotta you

got a grind you have to play a lot and

and a lot of these aren't gonna be

they're gonna be reuse tips from the up

in your personal skill video but there

are a lot of them are fairly similar

just with just with different stuff for

we're competing obviously so you got to

play a lot and sacrifices are gonna have

to be made it's even more so in my case

because I'm a content creator but but

you're gonna have to sacrifice a ton of

time whether that be if you play trying

to play a sport and doing this is very

difficult you know a lot of people do

that but trying to play a sport is very

difficult obviously being in school and

trying to do this is very difficult

because this is very time consuming you

have to play a lot if you want to get

good if you want to get to the point

where where where you can play against

good people and win consistently and you

know there's just a lot of time and

effort goes into it so you have to be

very committed you have to be very


you have to play a lot so so if you

think that you have the time if you

think that you're willing to put forth

of time in the effort then these next

couple things are gonna be for you but

that that that comes first obviously

above all else obviously it's different

it's different for me because I'm also

doing YouTube and streaming and stuff

like that but that's a whole another

that's a whole nother video that we'll

have to talk about but so after time you

want it you want to be able to you want

to be able to analyze you wanna be able

to look at your gameplay and you want to

be able to look at other people's

gameplay and determine what other people

are doing better than you and what your

strengths are and and also you know you

you have to be able to take criticism

because you were going to play with a

lot of different people and and you are

going to get advice from a lot of

different people and some other people

might not agree with you and things that

you do so you have to be able to take

criticism because because definitely

that that can be one of the biggest

things that helps and it's one of the

things that helped me but in order in

order for you to actually get in touch

with people that you will play with and

take criticism from and play against I

would suggest going to Twitter because

that's basically where everything

happens in terms of conversations

between players and in meeting people

there are certain accounts that will

that will like retweet tweets all the

time so like it's it's it's become

fairly easy now to find players even

though it is a little bit oversaturate

and there are a lot of people doing it

make a Twitter account just say that

you're interested in becoming a

competitive halo player and there will

be retweeted tweets for people looking

for eights or people looking for

teammates to run games for a certain

event or whatever so basically just play

a lot interact with people and you gotta

you gotta put yourself out there you

can't be like shy about it you gotta you

gotta join whenever somebody sends out

an invite for eights you gotta you gotta

try to set stuff up yourself you just

got to put yourself out there make

yourself available obviously not being a

dick is part of it you don't want to be

unreachable if that makes any sense and

you don't want to be unapproachable so

you have to be very very humble having

an ego which what which is is a big

topic of discussion in in especially

amateur eSports nowadays is is just

about the worst thing that that you can

do because because that really limits

limits your options in terms of being a

player so you really want to be

approachable you want to take criticism

from other people you don't want to have

an ego obviously there is a difference

between knowing where you stand and and

and having an ego so I can I can

understand that I am for instance like

like a mid tier amateur player and I

don't want to put labels on it too much

but you can understand where you stand

and and so if a platinum player asks you

to play then you might not then that

might be like a different option but I'm

saying if somebody just because somebody

has less followers than you or somebody

hasn't reached a certain rank in

matchmaking which I kind of contradicted

myself but if somebody hasn't reached a

certain rank or has a certain amount of

play time or their stats aren't as good

or they don't have as many followers

don't let that stop you from playing

with that person because they might be

really good and and people nowadays

don't really get a whole lot of chances

from people because it this is kind of a

big deal in in amateur eSports but yeah

so being approachable and putting

yourself out there like I said you can't

be shy

well we're not gonna talk about that

voice crack but yeah that's a really big

part of it just being able to interact

with people on Twitter and that's I'd

say twitter twitter is pretty much

mandatory now you have to you have to

have a Twitter account in order to do

this especially on the level that that

you're trying to do this if you're

trying to be a competitive player so

make a Twitter account be approachable

put yourself out there and obviously

this all goes back to the the putting

the time in thing you can't suck

and I I want to say that nicely because

you have to put the time in and you have

to have the experience or not experience

that's that's probably the wrong word

but you have to you have to actually be

decent at the game before anybody gives

you a shot you know so put in the time

take criticism from people watch watch

tips videos I'm not saying watch more of

my videos but watch tips videos watch

pro streams watch scrims

a big part and a big part of it that I

want to talk about is uh is a big part

of it is mental isn't is knowledge it's

not all your shot and and your your

individual skill but a lot of it and I

would say even like the majority of it

is your intelligence that is so so

important to to being a competitive halo

player in this instance and I'm sure it

applies to other eSports like I said

because you have to know a lot of stuff

like you see me talk about this in my

arena tips videos just knowing like

spawn influence and how long it takes to

kill with certain weapons

yeah spawn influence of like rotations

strategies for different game types all

that kind of stuff is super super

important so knowledge knowledge is know

just probably the top of the list when

it comes to stuff like this so you

really really want to analyze other

people's gameplay as well as your own

see like wow this this is some that I

talked about in my in my upping your

personal skill video which was analyze

your own gameplay and look at the things

you're doing but that I think I feel

like that was more based on an

individual skill in this instance I want

I want to tell you guys to analyze your

own gameplay and look at where you are

most of the time like pay attention to

where your teammates are pay attention

to where you are and where the enemies

are spawning for instance if you push

right now I feel like I'm gonna make a

video on this at some point because a

lot of people have asked for it but a

spawn influence so let's talk about

Coliseum for instance because the map

we're playing on

now if you are playing a

capture-the-flag we'll just pretend this

is capture-the-flag

if you're playing capture the flag the

the basic strat you are going to pull

the enemy's flag is you want to I'm

trying to give a demonstration here come

on but you want to you want to all push

you wanna get control obviously you want

to have some power weapons but but the

basic push is to push in from snipe side

block the cave which means have somebody

standing in or around the cave and pull

the flag snipe side while shooting over

at the elbow because if you block the

snipe side they're going to spawn on

your elbow right if you block if you

block the cave and the elbow

they might spawn under the base but but

there's there's there's four basic

spawns when you're talking about

Coliseum which are it the cave the elbow

back flag and also under the base so

there's three there's four different

places where arts that are like the main

spawns so just knowing things like that

helps your game so tremendously and not

knowing those is like the difference

between being a player and not getting a

shot from somebody like if you were to

play with an experienced team if you

were to get a shot and and mess up on

something like that which art is

considered like pretty much routine but

most people then then that would pretty

much like reduce your chances of playing

with that team so knowledge being able

to grind so a lot of this comes down to

time effort of being humble being able

to take criticism just putting in the

time putting in the effort making

yourself approachable not sucking so

watching pro streams scrims tip videos

all that kind of stuff can seriously

seriously help you

and then obviously the next part of that

is is play a lot to find a team which

which is is part of you know being on

Twitter and being approachable would you

find a group of people that you like

that that you play well with you know

play play matchmaking scrim other teams

like I said those those retweet accounts

are particularly helpful because you can

tweet out asking for a scram and P and

they'll retweet it and normally somebody

will see it like more often than not if

you tweet out looking for a scrim at

this time and then use like one of those

retweet accounts and it gets retweeted

more than more often than not somebody's

gonna get a reply with an answer looking

for a scrim for their team as well so so

scrim other teams I'm not gonna go too

in depth on the organization talk today

because as you guys as you guys may or

may not be aware we we haven't had some

great experiences with organizations in

the past me me specifically but we're

not gonna have the organization talk

this is specifically for like finding a

team and all that so like I said once

you find a group people do you like

scram other teams play a lot of

matchmaking just play together a lot I I

don't think having like set strategies

for specific events really works anymore

I think at all it's pretty much all

situational so don't try to come up with

with strategies for like like if this if

this thing happens then everybody needs

to go to the side of the map or anything

like that I think it's all situational I

think the main part of it comes down to

like knowledge and stuff but but play a

lot and then the next that really the

next step is is going to events because

going to events is the best way to get

your name out there as a competitor

obviously going to an event and getting

first rounded mate might not be the best

thing for you reputation wise but but

going going to events playing well just

being there in general meeting people

will help you so much a long way on top

of the fact that it's a really good

experience and then it's a lot of fun

and it's really cool to see all these

people that that you've watched for for

years and years but yeah so that's

that's kind of a basic rundown of

becoming a competitive player there are

there are a lot more specifics that I

could go into so if you guys have any

questions I will be responding to pretty

much every single comment on this video

so definitely if you have any questions

leave me a comment tweet me my link the

link is in description to my Twitter so

go follow me on there so basically to

recap you wanna have a Twitter account

you want to be humble you want to be

approachable watch other people take

criticism analyze your own gameplay find

other people that are like you you know

just just basically grind a lot put in

the time put in the effort and

eventually things will start to click

and now one thing I will say is that

none of this happens overnight you don't

become a competitive halo player in the

blink of an eye you cannot say one day I

think I want to be competitive halo

player and then the next day be on a

team and be screaming and going to

events it just doesn't work like that it

definitely takes time to materialize so

I was I I was a a decent player for a

long time but never never got a shot

from anybody because that's just not how

it works for a while so definitely be

patient with it keep doing your thing

don't be discouraged by the lack of

results because I'm telling you it

definitely does come and when it comes

it's very rewarding because you do get

to have some great experiences you get

to meet a lot of people and it's just

generally a really a really fun thing

and also just a competition all that

stuff is just it's just a great

experience and it's a great community to

be a part of there are some bad apples

and there are some some things that make

it not so desirable but all in all it's

it's a it's it's a very good experience

that's a very good thing to be a part of

and obviously gives you a little more a

little more something to do then then

just sitting at home playing video games

when you could be out doing other stuff


can I had the triple no I can't all

right well so yeah I hope this helped

like I said any questions at all tweet

me and like his description my Twitter

like I said tweet me leave a comment on

this video I'll be responding to pretty

much every single comment that is left

on this video I I'd be happy to to

answer some more questions and if there

are any more specifically you want to go

into that I can't really answer in a

comment or tweet definitely let me know

about those and I'll be sure to make

make videos on them like like spawn

influence is something that I definitely

said I'll be I'll be looking into making

some videos on so but thank you guys for

watching this video I hope it helped

like I said I hope that that you guys

have a little bit more of an

understanding as to how to how to sort

of break into the competitive side of

gaming and maybe halo in specific for

this for this instance so okay so thank

you guys for watching hope you guys

enjoyed the video like sir appreciate it

subscribe if you're new and I will see

you guys tomorrow with video that I

think you're all going to enjoy so see

you guys later