How To Join A Twitch Community 2017

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Hey guys, I just want to make a quick video

to help you get your streams back into

the communities you was once in.

Twitch has undergone a bit of a change recently with

their communities feature

and it's taken away a little bit for the creative

communities in doing so.

So if we take to look at Twitch and click browse we head on over

to the creative section

as always we've got the communities tab

just in the middle there.

Traditionally you would get your title

write in hashtag music and you'd appear

in the music community or anime or painting or

jewelry whichever one it is or more you

would appear in knows you're streaming

that is no longer the case, it's changed.

Let's have a look at an example.

This one streamer although they're streaming

in creative and they've got their hashtags

Painting, Art, Traditional, Sketch

they're not actually streaming in those communities

Head on down to Sketch

Sketch got no viewers no one live

although this streamer, this one here is streaming #sketch

their not in it and that's because it's changed.

The way I used to do this, I'd used to go to my


I'd stream in creative, click on edit

you'd put in creative, you'd put in hashtag #sketch

for example and I'd be sketch.

But now i need to go to the dashboard and here is

a community section that you need to

write in your chosen community and you

can only be one at any one time so if

your the streamer that sculpted a model

and then paints that same model you can't

just be two streams at the same time

two communities you need to do each one


remember you've got to change it

It's worse than it used to be

it's harder to find used to be. I don't

check my dashboard like that often

I'm not sitting here, some people do have

that open but I don't have that open

I'm full screen photoshop I don't see

stuff so there's no reason for me to

have a dashboard open

congratulations to the people that

found it by themselves. It took me all day

a few emails with Twitch to discover that

they've updated this, they''ve put that there but they

have not yet updated this screen here on your

channel it's only going to be an extra

box but it's not been updated so if you

want to be streaming in the correct

community for your stream you need

to go to your dashboard change otherwise

you're not showing up you're losing

people finding your stream and that

doesn't help anyone