How to Find and Join Groups in Facebook

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hi everyone today I'm going to

demonstrate some group features in

Facebook and how you can use these to

network with others in a professional or

other context the first thing you need

to do is log in to your Facebook account

once there you will see that there's

some icons on the left hand of the

screen that relate to some groups family

group or create a group see all but what

if you haven't joined any groups and

you're interested in finding some the

first thing you'll need to do is search

for some groups to join so in the text

box the search text box you can enter

some key terms so I'm interested in

joining a Library Association of some

type so I can just type in some keywords

Library Association and it brings up

some of the top results Michigan Library

Association Virginia Library Association

group and then it's got several other

choices but I want to see all the

results so I'm going to come down here

for see more results for Library

Association once here you're going to

see on the left-hand side of the screen

several choices you can look for people

pages groups applications events web

results post by friends or posts by

everyone and because I'm interested in

looking at groups I'm just going to

narrow the results down specifically to

groups now I have narrowed down the

results to just groups and they have

listed a bunch of different groups that

you might be interested in if you think

you might be interested in one of the

groups you could check it out first by

just clicking on the link associated

with that group so when I clicked on the

Virginia library association it took me

to the information page for the Virginia

library Association

and I can read about it the Virginia

Library Association is a statewide

organization whose purpose is to develop

promote and improve Library and

Information science services and the

profession of librarianship in the

Commonwealth of Virginia okay so that

sounds good under their information they

have a description and they say it's

open to any and all members of the

Virginia Library Association

VLA its committees forums sections

Council Executive Committee and other

units are welcome to join network and

connect to Facebook so that sounds like

it's really limited so I might not

necessarily qualify for this group

because I'm not a member of the Virginia

Library Association or any of its

committees or forums but if I were and I

wanted to join this organization after I

checked out maybe I looked at its wall

to see some of the postings on its wall

and what some of the members think maybe

I would look at the discussions which

there are none where I might look at

their photos and if I was interested in

joining that group all I'd have to do is

click join at that point my join my

membership request would be sent to the

site administrators which you will see

on the left-hand side there are two

administrators listed and they would

make a determination on whether I could

become a member of this group and you

will find out later once you once your

application has been reviewed or your

request has been reviewed whether you

can join that group let me show you a

group that I have already joined so back

on my home page I'm back in the group

section and I'll see all groups and I

have several

social groups that I've joined but I

have one in particular freezer Jam that

I would like to show you this is the

group that I joined which relates to

some musical interests that I have and I

am able to network with others through

this particular group and as you can see

let me go to the information page this

group is open all of its content is

public you can find out some other

information about this particular group

it's a music group it's the annual

conference of Midwestern Fife and drum

corps and this year's freezer Jam is

going to be in bourbonnais Illinois so

they also have a website you could check

out as you can see here they have listed

their site administrators as well

there's four of them and here's all the

members you could see all the members

who have already joined we have the

event that's coming up and that would be

the freezer jam in 2011 where the Fife

and drum community will get together and

put on a concert and they have a link to

their website back to the wall because

I'm a member of this group an

administrator already said that I could

join this group and you can see I have

the ability as a member to post comment

a photo share a link or share a video I

could also engage in the discussions if

I wanted to and you can see I could post

a comment in the discussion if I wanted


anyone can look at the photos from the

different freezer jams and you can see

all their concert pictures I could post

a picture if I had one and you can see

ad group photos to share with the other

members and if I no longer wanted to be

part of this group all I would have to

do is scroll down on the wall to the

bottom where it says leave group I don't

intend to leave this group so I'm not

going to do that but if you found that a

group no longer met your professional or

social interests you could just leave

the group one caveat is that you can

only join up to 300 groups so if you

meet that limit you would have to unjoin

some groups in order to add some other

groups and I just wanted to show you one

more thing and that is some groups do

not have public content but you might be

able to search for them anyway so if I

was working in Illinois and I wanted to

check out there let's go back if I

wanted to check out a Bar Association

the and I worked in to Page Illinois

DuPage County Illinois if I was a member

of this to page County Bar Association

you can see here that it has limited

public content and only the members can

see all content so I did want to make

you aware that there are some groups

that are private you would have to be a

member of this Bar Association before

you made your request or your request to


would probably be denied but if you were

able to you could just click to and

request to join the group it would not

be automatic that request would go

through administration so that is how

you can find and join groups and

Facebook in the next segment we'll be

looking at creating groups thank you