How To Start A Club in High School for Ivy League Admissions (2019)

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hello I'm Greg a student at Princeton

University and today I'm going to teach

you how to start a club as a high school

student America's most elite colleges

all report that the number one quality

that they search for in their applicants

is leadership skills so starting a club

at your high school is a surefire way to

massively boost your chances of getting

into these elite schools including the

Ivy League personally being the founder

of a student organization myself when I

was in high school helped me gain

admission to extremely selective schools

like Princeton University of

Pennsylvania and Georgetown now I didn't

even start this club until my senior

year of high school but nonetheless the

Princeton admissions officer that

reviewed my application told me

personally that it had a huge effect on

my application now you might be

wondering why these effects are huge

wouldn't colleges be equally impressed

if I was elected president or an officer

of a club that already existed at my

school well not exactly

being the president of an already

existing Club at your school certainly

demonstrates leadership skills there's

no doubting that but starting your own

Club shows a lot more starting your own

Club means that you had the courage to

share your ideas with others it means

you had the persistence to get others

involved in the club and finally it

means that you were able to tackle the

obstacles that are inherent in making

something out of nothing now America's

top colleges love to see students who

start their own clubs because that means

that these students can get others

excited about their ideas these students

are going to be the next generation CEOs

NGO founders and groundbreaking

politicians and colleges need these kind

of alumni to stay elite so maybe you're

starting to realize that starting your

own club at your high school may be the

difference between whether you get

accepted or rejected from your dream

school but the question still remains

how on earth do you start your own Club

while the process of starting your own


definitely depends on which high school

you're at I've developed a 3-step

process that I think cannot be applied

to pretty much anyone that will

guarantee that you at least get some

success with your club so let's get

right into it the first step is what I

like to call the ideation

Faye's to come up with an idea for your

club you want to first make a list of

all of the activities that you're

already involved in and all of your

interests that you'd be interested in

maybe starting a club about from there

begin to build a small list of club

ideas that are related even tangentially

to those activities or interests if

you're having trouble coming up with

clubs that don't already exist at your

school try coming at your passion from

the sort of volunteering or fundraising

angle for example I love to sing and

perform but there are already so many

different singing and performing groups

at my high school so what did I do

I started a street performing Club what

we did is we would go to the city we

would perform our favorite songs and

then if anyone donated we would give all

of that money to a local charity that

helps underprivileged kids learn music

once you've come up with your list of

three to five club ideas I want you to

ask yourself these few questions about

each idea first off how much money will

you need if any to get the club started

this is huge when you eventually go to

the school's administration to ask about

starting the club one of the first

things they're probably going to ask you

is do you need school funds and if you

do how much do you need for example if

you wanted to start a Ski Club that

takes monthly trips to the Poconos

you're probably out of luck

however if you started an astrology Club

and you had weekly meetings with a few

snacks that might be a lot more feasible

after funding the next most important

thing to ask is who is your target club

member and how many of those are there

at your school the more people that may

be interested in the club that you're

starting the bigger the chance that it

will succeed while you're in school and

for years to come for example a football

club might be interesting to maybe a

quarter of the entire student body

whereas a bonsai tree planting club

might only be interesting to 10 to 15

people and all those people you're not

even sure how many are already too busy

how many just aren't interested in

joining a club there's so many factors

to consider so try to pick clubs that a

lot of people will be interested in now

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your club off the ground running I'd

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right now once you have that genius idea

for the club you want to start in high

school the next thing is to get the word

out there now before you go to the

school administration asking to start

this club what you want to do is gather

a list of 10-15 hopefully more students

who would be interested in your club

this is the hardest part of the whole

process but trust me it has the biggest

payoff how do you get people interested

in a club that doesn't exist yet I have

a few methods here you can pick and

choose whichever work best for you and

your high school the obvious first step

to me would be to reach out to all of

your friends who go to your high school

and explain the idea of your club ask if

they'd be willing to join and also ask

them to pass it along to their other

friends so that you can get the word out

there make sure that anyone who's

interested in the club sends you both

their name and their email address this

will be important later

beyond word-of-mouth advertising a lot

of schools have different bulletin

boards where you can put up

advertisements for different things just

put up a sign-up sheet there and you

know have a little pencil and tell

people hey reserve your spot for this

club there are limited spots there's a

sort of psychological trick where people

think that if there's only a limited

number of spots what you're selling must

be important so you'll get a lot of

people through that also if the club

you're thinking of sort of relates to a

certain class or sport you can go to


who teach that class or you know coaches

who coach that sport and just ask them

after practice one day after class to

just sort of plug your club and you can

also give them a sign-up sheet so that

people can come up to the front of the

room afterwards and put their name down

oh and by the way if you're new to my

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give this video a like and leave me a

comment on what club you think you're

gonna start and hopefully I'll get to

reply and give you some feedback now

once you've got a long list of

interested students and you have a

general idea of how much money you need

to spend and how many people may be

interested it's time to go to the

school's administration and officially

present your idea for the club if you're

unsure of how to go about this just ask

your favorite teacher and they will

definitely know the process of starting

a club when you present to the school

administrator make sure you show them

the list of students and their email

addresses make sure you show them a

detailed idea of what the club is gonna

be like are you going to be meeting

weekly monthly are you going on trips

what sort of Club is this and if you

followed all the steps that I've laid

out in this video

honestly you will not have trouble

getting accepted I did not really follow

my own advice fully to a tee and my club

was still accepted so I trust you guys

that you can do it also once your clubs

up and running lots of schools will hold

like activities fairs where you can get

to know about all the different clubs on

campus and the extracurricular

activities out there so make sure you

get a table for that but even if you're

too late to go to those fairs continue

doing the things I was talking about try

to get an announcement in if your school

does like a school-wide gathering maybe

once a week or something like that talk

to teachers who might be interested in

spreading the word go to other clubs of

you know that are very similar and talk

to the people who are in those clubs

there's so many things you can do to get

the word out it just takes a lot of

doing so that's my advice for starting a

club in high school I promise that if

you do this right oh my gosh you will

really really boost your chances in ivy

missions now get off YouTube and start

working on those club ideas