How to Break into a Group

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I don't know how bad the sound is out

here there's cars and my brothers

playing Dragon Ball Z inside how's it

going guys I don't know if you've ever

tried to break into a group but it can

be hard sometimes it can be weird and

awkward like if you move to a new area

or go to a new school

I even think of myself as being kind of

extroverted would you steal my heart

from across the street and I have

trouble breaking into groups all the

time probably because I'm wacked salute

salute but I'm gonna give you the simple

tricks of how to break into a group

successfully hey guys you guys want to

play football but we're more of a book

reading Club I love reading

we could go read we're blind

we're only able to like read in Braille

so yeah what yeah we just don't want to

hang out with you hello everybody this

is Jeffrey

I said gluten-free you little runt

hey guys why don't you wanted to hang

out it brought some cookies

actually we're gluten free oh well

money everybody likes money got some

what if they don't like them like what

if they don't want to hang out with me

what if they're pretending they like me

like you wanna hang out with us

what if it's a cinema

oh hey wanna hurt

oh hey and then Jimmy Shauna snap yeah

Jimmy no definitely not Jimmy Jimmy

you only you're wearing just wearing

this hat and only Jimmy wears this hat

that has his hat well if I wasn't Jimmy

why would it be wearing his hat

hey we saw you sitting by yourself we

were wondering you like no yeah you want

to hang out with this sometime yeah

hang out with you guys and that's what I

told a mom they should hang out with me

just like I talked this week you're

doing a good job you're going free so

then I tried to move the cow but it was

a moveable you can't just join our group

after you make a pun like that dressing

up as clown funny is that a balloon

please please stop these so don't blow

all that's not even a balloon animal

what what are you doing are you doing

the handkerchief bang you're doing the

hankies thing you need more than what

handkerchief to pull that off please

spit that out please please all right

which one of you is the most popular

here hi I guess it would be me all right

now who's the funniest hey guys oh yeah

I'm kind of new here I grew up in the

inner city I was bullied a lot when I

was a kid worked in coal mines for three

cents a day I was raised by a pack of

wolves what I so called from a mother

wolf till I was about 13 nope that's


finding alone gazelles separate from its

group can give the cheetah immense

advantage and take down every step

counts and the Cheetahs bridge the gap

is quickly and silently as possible

the cheetah can eat up to three times

that size but for nap she can feed her

yeah hey guys I'm kind of new to the

area don't really know a lot of people I

was wondering if you would let me be a

part of your group

oh hey

actually maybe I'll find another group I

mean I'm gluten free maybe have no

problem breaking into a group maybe

you're just totally comfortable doing

that but unless you're no nobody's like

that everybody has trouble breaking into

a group except for you have that one