Quizlet How to Join a Class

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so I'm gonna show you how to know you've

signed up for Quizlet hopefully or you

might already have another account I'm

gonna show you how you can join a class

there are two ways you can receive an

invitation from a teacher I'll show you

that way or you can find it yourself by

entering in some identifying information

so here we go so if you've received an

invitation from a teacher you'll go

ahead and go to your inbox and you'll

see a invite from Quizlet and I'll say

invitation and join and you can just hit

accept invitation once you hit accept

invitation what will happen is you'll be

brought to a page like this now you

haven't quite accepted invitation yet

just brings that page then you have to

click accept once you've done that

you've now joined the class as an

alternative if a teacher hasn't sent you

one what you can do is you can go ahead

and do it yourself how do you do that

well you go over to classes on the left

side join a class and then you type in

that teacher's name so for instance my

last name is identifiable and you can

see that I have a Quizlet for each of my

classes and you can request to join

that's another way of doing it I'm gonna

go ahead and go back I use the link once

again I went to my inbox I saw an email

I hit accept invitation and now I'm

going to hit accept that's one way or I

can join a class type in my teacher's


einat's in this case I'm gonna join the

B for Spanish one request to join in

this case I have to wait for a teacher

to go ahead and let me try if I once

again I'm going to go through the

process of doing it if I did it an

invitation if I accepted invitation let

me go accept and I'm just gonna accept