How To Join Class In Google Classroom

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everybody my name is Marcus tone and in

this video you will learn how you can

join a class in Google classroom so

they're two actually ways how we can do

that but I'm going to click here you

will find a class code here only teacher

concede and who needs to send it to you

or he can go to people and invite you by

email or name there are two actual ways

how that can happen if you have the code

what you want to do is just let's open

my second profile classes and I will

join class class code I will write

they're really easy joining joining

joining joining joining and voila Here I

am so right now I join a class and I can

see I can see the all assignment here

and stuff like that it's really simple

and this is how we do it so thank you

very much everybody for watching if you

enjoy this video you can support and

subscribe I really thank for that

thank you have grade 8 and see