How to Join a Class on Duolingo App (How to Join Duolingo Classroom in 2020)

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hello everyone in this video I'm gonna

be showing you how to join a classroom

on the joy Wingo app this or any mobile

device for an iPhone iPad Android is

gonna be the same type of process

throughout so what you gonna want to do

is once you got to the home page here

the duolingo app you're gonna look to

the bottom of the page where there's

still a little toolbar you don't want to

click the middle icon it should be like

a little woman there potentially for you

and it's gonna bring up this profile

page here you don't want to click on the

top right hand corner or the little blue

car keys want to click there let's go to

bring out black your profile page we can

change all your like name etc but what

you're gonna want to do is scroll down

on this page just a little bit until you

get adds a seat the button called

progress sharing so that progress

sharing button you want to click on

there and because their progress sharing

then you're gonna have to put in your

classroom code so we're if you do have a

classroom code already you're not insane

here you can also sound like an email

for this if you know what classroom code

you have a use when I go ahead and type

it in if not you can look up different

types of Castle room codes online for

different languages etc you'll have to

look it up for that but I'm going to

type in one of these codes right here so

let me just type in this one just for an

example and then I want to click Save

Changes on that and then once that's

done you will have gone on to the class

like they're all a load up for instance

and then it's saying your classrooms

when you click on that back again the

first this one is called like Spanish

gurus etc so that's what my classrooms

they're you've joined it once you

vacancy that bit there versus your

classrooms and then the name of that so

it's pretty simple for this so leave a

like on the video if that did help you

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like it but that's it for now I'll see

you in the next video