How To Claim Free Money With Class Action Lawsuits

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so I actually got a surprise today in

the mail and at first I really didn't

know it it was it's a Jerry hunter via

nature way and then I remembered I filed

for a class-action lawsuit and I got a

check so let's open it up and see how

much I made I got a check for $11.15 and

to be quite honest with you I forgot I

even did this so you might be wondering

what exactly is a class-action lawsuit a

class-action lawsuit is where a group of

people are represented by a member of

the group for example say a company

advertises a certain way which is not

true there's a class-action lawsuit

against them or let's say there's a

security breach and your personal

information is revealed then there's a

class-action lawsuit against them

because a big group of people are

affected and someone is representing

these people so in this instance I was

represented by Sheree hunter against the

company nature way products now that you

know what a class-action lawsuit is I'm

going to show you the website I used to

file for these class-action lawsuits and

get a trickling of checks coming into

your mailbox so let's do that this is

the website i used to find class-action


it's called top class actions most of

these class-action websites have pretty

much the same class-action lawsuits and

this is the nicest looking website out

of all of them so that's why I use it so

here's where you could find class-action

lawsuits you go up here into settlements

and press on open settlements once you

are inside open settlements just scroll

down here and here you could find the

settlements ordered by the nearest

deadline so this one's overdue but it

would pay you $150 if you qualified this

one pays you ninety thirteen sixty if

you're watching this video there might

be a chance that you were affected by

instacart it's a gig job a side job so

there's a settlement that varies for you

if you qualify there's crazy settlements

like this one if you're affected you

could have a two thousand dollar

settlement if you live in the California

and have one

these iPhones $24 settlement per iphone

here's a class-action lawsuit that I

actually joined today because I was

affected at the tic-tock minor privacy

class action settlement so basically

what this says is that tik-tok violated

Copas rules which is the Children's

Online Privacy Protection Act they

violated some rules it says who is

eligible the potential award amount if

you need proof of purchase and you don't

for this one but for many if you do

provide a proof of purchase the

potential award may be larger and

there's always a way to clicking file

your claim on this site so I just

clicked on the claim just to show you

guys how it looks and what you will have

to fill out in these forms so obviously

you're gonna need to fill out your name

your street address and your signature

and that's it that's usually all you

need to fill out in two forms sometimes

you may need proof and they'll provide a

section for that but that's usually your

name your address and a signature when

you're filling out these forms for these

class-action lawsuits make sure that you

really do qualify because when you sign

these you are signing a legal document

saying that you are telling the truth

basically here's another crazy big

settlement if you're affected by the

Yahoo data breach you could have even up

to a twenty five thousand dollar

settlement which is huge so after you

apply for these class-action lawsuits

you're going to start getting a

trickling of checks in your mailbox

maybe three to four months later and

it's a really nice thing to do so if you

want to get checks like these in your

mailbox in my opinion it's good to look

at the site every three to six months to

see if new class-action lawsuits pop up

that you might be affected by and that's

how you use class-action lawsuits to

claim your free money online so if I

introduce you to class-action lawsuits

leave a like for me go try to

class-action lawsuits out I'm gonna

leave a link in the description see if

you're affected by any of these and

claim the money you deserve thanks for

watching guys peace