Apple Class Action Lawsuit - Does Apple owe you Money?

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believe it or not Apple might owe you

money though I'm gonna tell you why

what's going on and how much they owe

you in this video a while back in 2017

they did something that they shouldn't

have done they slowed down the iPhone on

purpose to try to match up with a dying

battery on older phones and doing this

it's not actually legal though they did

get into trouble and people are gonna be

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absolutely free so what is this all

about basically what's going on is Apple

is in a class-action lawsuit and they

are in a settlement of up to five

hundred million dollars which is a nice

chunk of money not a lot of money for

you know someone who has over one

trillion dollars in the market but five

hundred million for everyone will help

out you do have to have in a phone that

was affected so you're looking at more

of like an iPhone 6 XS or 7 maybe even

an S II and this was in December 2017

when this started happening basically

they did a software upgrade to ten point

two point zero and also the version ten

point two point one which slowed down

your phone and decreased performance and

that's something you don't want to do

once this happened and it was found out

about basically the community went wild

the Department of Justice has come to a

settlement with them to go through and


five hundred million dollars to the

people that were affected now we don't

have exact of do this to get this at

this moment because it's not completely

finished yet this is the first area so

it has to be approved which is supposed

to be approved

around April third though if this video

does well and there is a continuation on

this I will go ahead and make another

video and I'll link it at the end of

this so you can know how to claim your

money but for now if you are affected

they're looking at about $25 per person

per phone though if you had four phones

on your account that could be $100 which

you know why not grab that $100 of

course when this does happen sometimes

the places do make you jump through some

crazy hoops like Equifax settlement did

just so you don't claim it though I

don't know if Apple's gonna be like that

or not they hired someone called the an

Jian group to take care of this and this

is all basically in response to battery

gate is what they call it from when this

has happened this is a little different

than normal because usually when things

like this happen they're suing cuz a

product failed and this product didn't

fail it was more of like tampered with

though this is like a new area and

that's why it's taking a little longer

for them to get everything settled but I

think it's a move in the right step to

make sure companies don't slow down

devices on purpose that was really a bad

move on apples or I was kind of you know

I was a dirty move though I'm kind of

glad they got this slap on the wrist so

they don't do it again they estimate

that the damage cost between $18 to

forty six dollars per phone but again

the settlement will be $25 each unless

we hit the five hundred million as after

the five hundred million if there's more

people than that $25 amount then starts

getting split by all those people so it

could go down depending how many people

are going to claim

am I gonna clean it I think it depends

on how many hoops I have to jump through

because I think I had or three or four

phones on the account though for me

that's $7,500 and I kept all mine

up-to-date so all of them would have

been hit by this though I probably will

for the video that way I could show you

how to go ahead and get the money back

very interesting I'm kind of curious

what's gonna happen in the future if

they will do this again hopefully they

don't have to Steve Jobs is around I

don't think this would have ever

happened that's just my two cents what

do you think about companies making

software updates that slow down your

stuff it makes it perform worse let me

know in the comments and also if you are

gonna claim the $25.00 when this is

available again I'll leave the next

video link up above when it is out and I

want to thank you all for the view

here's another video I know you're