How To Join My Fortnite Clan... (CHRONIC)

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your whisker boy so if you guys don't

know I own one of the best fortnight

clans in the world called chronic has

people like Lakes X T Co scoped and many

more big people that you guys watch on

YouTube every day this video is about

how you can join chronic as well you

guys don't need followers you guys don't

need Klout this is not clickbait either

you guys can actually join so the way

you guys can join is what look at what

chronic suave said about you I mean I

like him other person oh my god I feel

like I could be like these people have

been leaving so long story short guys

after watching this clip I felt super

betrayed since I'm the one that actually

recruited swastik chronic IDM them and

we started arguing back and forth and he

eventually told me that he wants to 1v1

me for my spine in chronic like a 1v1 he

wants to settle this beef in a 1v1

alright boy so I'm gonna go on V once

Waze for this fine chronic but I'm not

just gonna wander on him normally that I

have to wait too much on the lines

I plan on humiliating him in front of

everyone so every kill I can't guess

would rub a different sauce on his face

so at the end we could see how much of a

clown he looks like drop a like in the

next five seconds you love cute puppy

and also please use coach online without

please I so I so I'm making a video of

this I'm gonna make you look like a

whole clown if I win your kick from

chronic and I'm gonna find people to

replace you I'm gonna tell them in this

video that I'm making I'm gonna tell

them in this video that I'm making how

to join chronic and if you went I'll

gladly leave but I know I'm not gonna

lose you wanna lose let's go home with

it I miss you a tough guy let me see

what you got let me see the sausage you

got let me see the sausage you got

shimmy saw so we got to kiss over you

smile look in the camera and smile no

I'm with your mouth open now fully the

barbecue at the Mayo packets whether you

feel me oh my medal why you got ketchup

and kiss your PAC is my email

first person that went for every death

you got to pour something all over your

face all right come one does I get to be

an owner of chronic right yeah you're

mad you're mad you're mad if you want to

I'll give you everything you took that

offer Wow well done let's go voila

Oh Oh God wah wah wah

you know I start trying okay

come here come here come here oh don't

kill me

mark hello come on build up let's go

come on

come on how do you like I stood there

what stop when I can't I will honor you

I'm dead ha ha ha

let's go every oath you nervous I'm in

your head you got lucky again you got

lucky game lucky get lucky in I'm gonna

make it I'm gonna make it what is it

why no you know it's one of me why you

all right oh you got a running start

days oh nice you know what I got a

running start let's go

Oh so yes come on

let me see some ketchup

let me see some ketchup hey I'll have

you covered by the end of this one of

your corner I come on my beat you look

beat you will catch with my forehead if

you lose a meal catch with my fan how

you suck you suck indistinct - oh my god

oh yeah well catch up I'm all for it but

it led me to you know do it better than

me do you know does well I got 200

fumbling don't jump in my part not nice

but I was you guys stay by the Bell play

Nickelodeon so will you guys save mother

boat I'm here I can tell I'm here oh I

gave I do I do it

nervous nervous nervous you're nervous

I'm in your head you finally look like

the clown that you are finally I go law

is bum I abide so Guinea I'm like it hey

yo back off hmm what's the last us that

you are the jelly now you put bro

nah okay okay Steve

I'm talking me oh my god oh my god I'm

not gonna lie usually got put in by

Jamie tides to chronic my eyes you got

put in the chronic nod you gonna put

that all your face has to be read now

now you're gonna finally look like the

clown that you are everyone comment

clowns lies in the comment section right

now oh [ __ ] vegan what's done is a lot

no it's not called you going it's

nothing blind it's barely anything no

it's barely anything on right now

I started squeezing I'll tell you when

it's out squeezing keep squeezing

it's not coming out it's not coming out

that much there's like one drop coming

out did you have been rabbit

froztok I keep I keep going like look at

the camera let's see the clown you are

let's look at this clown it's a class

now you thought you is gonna take my

owner Scott and Connie no boy Oh see

that's what happens that's what happens

when you disrespect the big shop the big

shop go watch yourself

so I'm gonna let's wash off the hook

this time I'm not gonna kick them out

but since I won and since I'm still

owner it's time for me to show you guys

how to join chronic this is not a joke

as you guys can see we tweeted out

chronic RC begins five twenty three

twenty that's literally a week from now

and that means we're gonna be looking at

your guys's videos does this is an

opportunity for every single person to

join chronic you can have zero followers

new your subscribers nothing and you can

have our crazy opportunity I could

change your life we're joining chronic

look at all the members we have so far

assault psycho it goes on and on scope a

KUB lakes y'all are the first step guys

is to follow my Twitter right now and

turn on notifications for my Twitter so

all you have to do is press the little

Bell button that's gonna be over here

cuz I'm gonna be announcing a lot of

stuff for the chronic art scene I'm

gonna be picking recruits you guys have

to turn on notifications for my Twitter

saying except that you guys have to

follow chronic the F are chronic Twitter

you guys are gonna have to turn on post

notifications for this Twitter too so

just like this is our chronic YouTube

channel we're always uploading to it

it's gonna there's gonna be so many

opportunities for all of you guys to

join it's gonna be insane guys I'm

telling you guys you guys want to

participate in this are see you guys

just have to participate and I promise

you guys the grime will be worth it keep

riding boys peace I love you