Warframe How To Join A Clan PC and WHY YOU SHOULD DO THIS EARLY

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hello welcome to Johanna gaming I'm Joe

as you may or may not have imagined this

is gonna be the beginning of my I won't

take away too long with this sorry guys

this is so unscripted this is gonna be

the beginning of my beginner's guide for

warframe in 2019 okay this videos gonna

be out before then although a lot of

these videos are still be relevant in

that time the intention is to have a ton

of videos in a playlist ready for you


once the year begins then it what it's

something they need to help during 2019

be able to find it here nice and easy

I've decided to go with how to join in

clown first because I do think it's

something you should be doing early

something that I left quite late and I

think it's just something to to be done

so first up let's look at how you

actually find it plan and we'll go into

why afterwards now that when you pull

the left trigger on your controller if

you're on console that I should know the

keyboard key for this even though I am I

feel and PC you have this tab and you

can come across to here note that if you

are doing this early you will need the

communications it's this bit the

communication segment to be able to

actually talk to people I even this bit

so you need to get that first with that

you base just want to go into the

recruitment segment and you'll see here

look for example we have heartless

specter recruiting for his clan or her

plant could be he Chi let's not assume

that and obviously you can you can take

a look around on there and try to find

one that you like alternatively if you

just want a shortcut you want to try and

find somebody when you are on PC feel

free to add any of us obviously I should

have an inbox somewhere yes this is

gonna be our plan I'm gonna show you all

this in a minute cause I'm actually

gonna show joining a clan in a second

once you found somebody that you know

you feel like you're gonna you're gonna

enjoy a clan that you're gonna be in and

we'll talk about the different

motivations that you might have for

joining a clan in a minute I feel like

this is taking a lot longer because

obviously really all you do is ask

somebody you get the invite in any case

what you do find somebody that's willing

to have you in their clan

now note the song plans will have

limitations on the people they want to

join some clans might be more complete

more or less complete than others and

again we're gonna go through some of

that in a minute so see these aren't

looking for any a lot so this one's like

if I must rank 18 plus I'm discord CA

just be aware that some of them will

have requirements or the our clan

doesn't have one we do have a discord

it's optional and you'll find the link

to that down in the and a cut in the

description and probably in the comment

section as well I'm sure new know who

sent me the invite for this for the post

on that as well

so anyway once you get yourself in

invite as you saw really gonna wanna

come onto your menu into the

communications tab and your invite is

gonna be here in your inbox and to join

some press accept okay we're now in a

clan so let's take a look at some of the

advantages and the reasons for doing

this to do that we need to actually go

into the planet now you should under

your keys tab now have a clan key as you

can see this would only take 12 hours

where are you going to spend some of my

platinum just beat this along I don't

recommend spending platinum to do this

but I'm just gonna do this to the for

the sake of the video and with the clan

key now you are now gonna be able to on

your saucer on the storm up in the

bottom left corner we have dojo so I'm

gonna go ahead and well this has changed

this has changed yeah it's great so

we're gonna go to our digit okay let's

got people on one line in our in our

thing as well so we go through some of

the screens in a minute and I'm just

basically to show you why other than the

obvious be able to find people to play

with you really want to

I'm going on is a train station here so

a lot of our stuff is still under

construction this is quite this is a

Philly young filly young clan so usually

near your spawn point you're gonna find

one of these little pedestals it's gonna

allow you to teleport around so close

off we're gonna go to one of the labs

and these are the probably the biggest

reasons for joining a clan now please if

you do happen to join a clan including

our plan don't just kind of join buy

some stuff and leave

so each of the research station each of

the research labs has a list of things

that we can purchase in this one its

weapons I think there are only the 1001

has warframes in a common result which

one of ours is the 1001 I apologize it's

gonna look really typical one I was

hoping to avoid having to having today

is too much thank you so much stuff

going on we all gonna get some music

just so I can show you guys that these

are searched Oricon 10 level in here not

only gonna find weapons reaction gonna

find warframes uni a punchy you're also

gonna get and I'm probably the one of

the most important ones in here

particularly on is volt and which is

really really just a very good beginner

warframe and a pretty good reason to

pick either Excalibur or Mac early on I

get nezha who's pretty cool who's really

good for status as well if you're doing

CETIS so other than that other reasons

that you're gonna want to join this

party isn't going to come in too

she can't seem to find all of our

transport stations I'm terrible you see

how how often they don't come in here so

the next thing you're gonna want to pay

attention to is this now this isn't

going to come into effect until you get

later into the or did you play to

although some go on in your clan me end

up giving you some goodies if they

happen to have some spare usually with

months you're also gonna need to be in a

clan to actually trade we're gonna talk

about that more in a separate video when

we talk about getting platinum stuff

most trades are either for platinum or

for things like every shell script in

this but I really apologize to Isis

because now I just lost my way they're

basically like a lot of time we're gonna

get like mud sister will cost your

credits to do trades again that's gonna

be for a separate video that's most of

the things about joining a clan now

these are the things you can expect to

get out of the clan obviously other than

having a group of people to chat to and

pay attention to like whether or not a

clan has limitations or if they need you

to log in every so often and that kind

of thing particularly if you have a

lower mastery rank which you will do if

you're watching this video because if

you're a lower mastery rank they move

more likely to take you out to free up

space now don't take that as offensive

because you will actually be taking all

the slots somebody in a I'm gonna try to

show you yeah see if we've got a

research I could show this on you'll

take it a slot in the in the clan now

I've got one here researching do so here

you can actually see a research that

hasn't been finished yet most I was

actually done it's just one of the few

that's left to be done and down here you

can see we actually can contribute

things to get this finished I would love

to put that 19 in there but actually

probably now the larger no not the

larger them the higher capacity of the

clan the higher the resources requires

to get these complete which is why you

know a lot of clans will prefer you to

log in fairly often again our clan is

actually pretty lacks with it

I mean because I've got people that are

on pretty much all of the time so

they're just constantly getting all this

stuff sorted which is pretty cool and

you make it like your own room to

decorate stuff in here if you guys want

a video on that and please let me know

because obviously you can we can get

that sword I'm sure there's probably

something I'm missing and I'm just

trying to have a quick think deserves

anything else about you know house join

a clan what you want out of it like I

saw what a clan might want out of you

I mean usually most guns are pretty

pretty easygoing so yeah I mean this

video Tory hasn't come out as well as

I'd like it to but is this the beginning

or playlist I hope you guys have enjoyed

it and if you have please leave a

comment down below and I'll catch you

next video