Fun Run 3: Joining A New Clan | IonWolf

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hello everyone what is going on you guys

my name is iron wolf and today I'm gonna

be explaining why I left hierarchy or

however you pronounce it and what am I

gonna do about me joining in clan so

first of all full disclosure I did not

leave her Archie I got kicked out of her

Archie um now I don't know if like that

happening over and over again

technically counts as clan hoppin me

personally I don't think it is because

it's not something I can control

and so let me prove it to you guys as

you can see I no longer have a clan in

vibe from hierarchy so this is

completely legit this is not fake um the

video I saw previously um it was

perfectly real 100% but instead I I

kicked out for less than one day and it

was actually kind of weird because if

you because if you scrolled down to mine

or if I can find it right here as you

can see I had 80% for my TV two wins so

that was pretty weird I don't really

know what happened there

um but but apparently it was because

normally gold or diamonds are considered

alt and therefore went to v2 when rain

should have been higher than 80% so that

was probably why I was kicked but I'm

still not really sure about that and so

today I'm just gonna be joining another

clan so full disclosure I am NOT clan

hopping I would just kick that up

hierarchy so this is it was actually

pretty obvious what clan I was gonna

join if you guys watched my my preview

my the video before my previous video

you guys know that I chose between two

to two now I have to choose between two

clans Peter's blocked and toxic now talk

to I said that they mostly prefer elite

as you can see they have more elite than

gold or diamond and also you need to


83% of winrate um well with Peters

blocked um you need a particular

particular tier or a particular win rate

you just need to have a cleanse button

so based on that obviously I'm gonna be

joining Peter's blocked so they thank

you to swag big gavel for giving me a

clam invite uh as you can see right now

he's currently in clean bit right now so

so let me just go to clownin rights if I

can even find it wait a second

alright right here oh my gosh Jimmy

kidney right here um as you can see it's

currently run by a gaming changer and I

also did say in my previous previous

video that um that um in my opinion like

I didn't really want to join this clan

because people will be more own online

when gaming changer streaming but it

doesn't seem like I have many other

choices at this point so I will be

joining it so I'm gonna accept invite

and as you can see this what the clan

looks like it has three silver 12 gold

17 diamond and 17 elite stream with me


and this one looks like I'm just gonna

give you a quick run-through event when

oh I didn't know that vibe who's

actually in this clan interesting that's

me right there yeah um I think this is

more like just for just for like a fan I

think it's called Peters block because

um Peter is gaining changers real name

so and let me see so

yeah I think that's pretty much it thank

isone for watching um I I really enjoyed

this I really enjoyed this video make

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guys would like to see next

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channel okay I'm ready for more fun do

contouring like this one thank you guys

so much for watching I'll see you guys

next time