WOT: How I play... Newbie guide to why and how to join a clan

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so welcome back to my channel this is

game at DOM and today I'm going to take

a look at clans and why they are useful

for keeping newcomers and even more

experienced players into the game and I

think you know it's one of those

questions you see being asked a lot on


I've had people asking videos you know

why do you why do you want to join the

clan and what's the one of what is the

benefit of it well so this is my own

opinion of it others will have others

but so first up what is a clan a clan is

a group of up to hundred individuals who

come together in a group generally under

some sort of criteria in terms of what

they have to do and agreed to do if they

join a clan and there will be a

leadership hierarchy somebody who runs

the clan a couple of supporting offers

of recruitment officers and those sort

of things and the whole idea about a

clan is that they can work together and

the benefits of a clan from my

perspective are companionship unless you

are blessed by having you know dozens of

friends who play with you on a regular

basis in World of Tanks most of us don't

have that luxury we maybe have one or

two friends that play occasionally or

maybe not at all

and so by joining a community a clan

like like I'm in havoc 3 here you get a

chance to link up with players on a

regular basis or even a semi regular

basis and platoon with them so having

the benefit of working together in a

platoon is much more fun I think it

brings a lot more death to the game I

like to play solo from time to time but

I also like to be tuned now it's a lot

easier to be tune with people when

you're in the same clan with them and

each clan has its own sort of entry

requirements so again and I'm not

pushing havoc sorry particularly kind of

like the havoc community I think it's a

really good group of people but the

reason I chose havoc 3 was that they're

very flexible so you can join and play

if you want to play things like clan

wars and strongholds and team games that

it's entirely your call they they run

them and they have them happening which

is great and then if you just want to

come on and platoon occasionally or just

on with yourself there's no restrictions

so some clans I know are very

restrictive you must must be in there a

stronghold team whenever there's one

running and so forth so havoc doesn't

have that the only criteria they have is

that you must be on their team speak

when you play the game and that's

entirely fair and right so but every

clan has different sets of criteria and

rules and when you go in so this is the

World of Tanks clan finding page now I

can't show you all the other click a

knife and then I can't show you all the

other clans because ok so I stand

corrected you can look at other clans

but you have to put the name of the clan

in so is it an old clan that I used to

be in bridge 6 and again I can see I

like a good one my own clan what their

values are you know what their average

victory rate is what the clan rating is

average experience per clan across the

whole team I can also look at if I want

to who's in the clan oh no I mean this

is havoc again anyway here you can see

all the players in havoc and so forth

there's also the message board here

which is so this is the introductory

thing from from havoc saying you know to

join havoc you need to participate in a

teams on the teamspeak server you need

to basically on that all the time so

yeah that's that's the criteria and

every team will have different criteria

so teamspeak let's show you this this is

our teamspeak server it's a fairly quiet

because it's five to ten on on a quiet

mid Christmas day but you can see when

you when you come in here

the the havoc community is a huge one

because it encompasses multiple clans

and the beauty of that is you can clan

with you can platoon up with anybody in

the community so here you can see

there's also armored warfare if that's

your thing

they run clans for that

streamers so forth and then she come

down you can see all the different

lobbies for the different clans as of

what you need one you need to North

American clans what you need one North

America to North America three Southeast

Asia clan there and then there's hammer

cakes have a X North America have a

Maine clan as we got here anyway you can

see all different clans and down through

as you go down as well the platooning

happens so if you want to come one home

sitting here you create your own room

and you can platoon with people you can

either platoon with people who are

already here or ask for people to join

you so forth so that's how it works on

the on the teamspeak and of course with

teamspeak you're able to talk with other

people as you're playing the game and

that's a tremendous benefit if you've

ever listened to any of my premier slack

videos they recorded with clan mates

live as the game happens they a lot more

bands a lot more interaction you get to

know players and I've made some very

good friends in the game doesn't mean

you have to go and meet them socially

although some plans have social meetups

too so other way you can find out about

clans obviously people will try and

recruit you eating game I wouldn't say

that's necessary good thing my view is

that if people are desperate enough to

broadcast that they need people it

probably means they're not a very big

clan therefore not going to help you

much but if you go on the forum there's

a whole section around clans and clan

recruitments so here we go that they're

all looking for looking for platoon

people to join the platoons and they're

all different languages of platoons as

well again sometimes you'll get on a

platoon and they'll say you must speak


that's the clan language that doesn't

mean you can't platoon up with people

from you know so you're French you can't

you could join up in a platoon with two

of the French people and speak French

that's fine but it just means within the

normal game within the normal play you

have to speak English and each clan will

have its own thing there's German cans

let's check the plant

check plans all sorts so again you can

look up this and again I think the

advantage to me is friendship

you get camera artery with your clan you

enjoy the banter that goes on you know

people that and they will often a lot of

the bigger clans particularly will have

very very competitive sides to them so

they will run competitions they will

have regular clan walls and stronghold

battles and they take it very very

seriously arbors less so and it really

depends on what you're into the game for

if you really like the competitive side

of the game then you need to look for a

clan that it's that way inclined now

they will may well have other criteria

like you have to be online at certain

times a day and night and so forth but

you know that's your choice if it's what

you want you'll also find that lots of

them have their own web pages as well so

this is again the havok community gaming

page and you can see it has a scheduled

events training for some if you want

them we have forums of our own to

discuss things which is great and

various things about events and so forth

that are going on so again it gives you

a perfect opportunity to to mix and

learn and I like the habit one

particularly and what I would certainly

advise any newcomers to join a clan like

this that has training and helps the

team along to get better because that

was really really important you want to

get better in the game so you enjoy it

more and your clan should help you with


so anyway that's clans clans are very

simple things they are basically just a

group of individuals playing this game

for fun hopefully for fun and join new

forces to to have fun and that's why I

would thoroughly recommend joining the

clan I think anything like this helps to

perhaps your enjoyment of the game

considerably it's really really

important to

you can get stale playing on your own

all the time I think playing with other


getting that banter getting to know how

they play and what their ins and outs

are you know this players I know I play

with regularly who are very very good

light tank players and it's really

helpful to have them in you to when

you're playing with them there are

others just very similar to me and their

play styles others that love to camp and

it's great just to sort of meet up with

these guys play for them you know fairly

regular basis and then some days when

you just don't feel like it just don't

bother you don't have to so anyway

hopefully it was helpful

hope for the answers a few questions

have you got any questions around clans

let me know down below but go and have a

look go on to the clan page on World of

Tanks have a hunt around have a look at

the clan see what their entry

requirements are whether they're taking

people because that's the other thing if

they've got a hundred spaces and it's

full no matter how much you want to join


they're not really going to be a let you

in so if you want to start your own some

people do start their own and I never

understand why you why new players do

that because it's hard work to run a

clan it's really hard work so I went I

really recommend certainly to start with

join another clan find find a clan that

suits you has the same kind of matches

up to your how you play the game so if

you're a fun-loving player who'd only

wants to play casually they find a clan

that does that if you're a competitive

player who really wanted he wants to

compete in town walls and strongholds

then find a clan that does that if

you're a player like me who tends to

play weird times of day and night find a

clan that is it you know finds that

acceptable that doesn't mind you coming

on it doesn't have a requirement that

you're on from 7:00 till 8:00 o'clock

every evening there's some clowns do and

they're so important you check out the

requirements and what they're looking

for in their players and also that you

feel that you fit with them again I know

from personal experience most clans they

will ask you to go to sign up

quest to join and then go along to the

test to go along today there there

what's my teamspeak server that's it

and meet up with people and no havoc

you'll be a recruit you'll be a recruit

to start with and here we go there we go

to chap up here

applicant needs an interview and he will

wait as he's in North America so he will

need some recruitment officer from the

North American clans to talk to him to

check that he's got three heads and he

understands the requirements of the clan

and probably play a couple of games with

him just to make sure that he's you know

okay and doesn't go off in a complete

rent all the time because we don't like

that in our clan so yeah and that's what

they'll do and a lot of clans will have

a similar kind of entry requirement and

you know you have to go through that so

anyway hopefully this was helpful to you

if it was please consider giving it a

like if you've got any questions around

clowns let me know down below if you're

interested in joining the habit

community have a look I don't know

whether we're recruiting anywhere so we

generally players come and go so you

know and as I say there's multiple clans

there so if there's one it may well be

one that's that he's recruiting at the

moment of the group that there are so in

the meantime thanks for watching

enjoy your games have fun remember it's

just about having fun don't take you too

seriously it's just a game and I'll see

you again soon this is gamer Don out