How To Find And Join Clans Easy In Destiny 2 Beyond Light - How To Find Clans As A New Player Guide

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hello and welcome my name is dylan and

today we're going to be talking about

how you can

find clans and how you can join clans in


but before we do that if you're new to

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out of your destiny 2 experience okay so

there's one method that you can use to

find and join a clan within destiny 2


and then there's a few great places to

look for clans and to

to request to join outside of destiny 2

the game on

websites and forums discords things like

that so i'm going to cover all of those


but the first one where you can just do

in-game is you approach somebody

when you approach them right beside

their name and their level there their

season pass rank

you're going to see a press option so

you would do that and hold it

and then once you do that it will give

you an option to interact with their


for me my interact button is also bound

to something else apparently so i can't

do that

but you can also open up your map and

then go to

the roster section and then in the

roster section if you're in a public

space you should be able to see all the

people within your public space here

and you can simply hover over them and

you'll see down at the bottom that there

is a

details option they would simply click

on the details button

then once you do that you're going to go

down to the bottom here one up

from the bottom to inspect clan you're

going to click on inspect clan

and then you can see here that there's a

little blurb about their clan

and then you can request to join down at

the bottom apparently this

plan has their joins uh disabled but

here is a really good example here where

it shows this might actually be a good


where it shows like the little blurb and

then it does does like a description

about the clan

and then you can request to join now i'm

going to hop over to

a web browser and show you guys how you

can look for clans

on the websites forums and discord so

there's two different

clan finder type forms on the

official bungie website for destiny 2.

um there's two different places that you

can go within their website here and i'm

going to link both of them

the first one has more people um

looking for clans so they post a little

blurb about themselves

and that they're looking for a clan you

would say what type of a player you are

what you're looking for

in a clan and then you would hope that

somebody would come along and reply to

your message

this forum is right here the clan finder


but the one that i would recommend is

the clan recruitment form

which is clan's posting in here

what type of clan that they are and then

you can come through

and you can scroll through all of these

and look for the clans and try to find

you know whether it's xbox pc or ps4 try

to find the platform that you're looking


and go through and read up on those

clans and then you can

simply apply to those clans within here

so that those are two resources on the

bungie website that you can use

and i will link both of those in the

description there's also a reddit option

you can use here which is

our slash destiny clan finder and you

can simply

join this reddit and then go through and

reply to

posts uh with clans that look appealing

to you

and see whether or not you're going to

be able to join those and then one last

thing here we do have the

destiny discord so let's jump into that

okay so i just recorded this whole thing

but it was on my other monitor so you

guys couldn't see it

but when you join the destiny 2

subreddit here

you can go ahead and to the welcome and

rules section all of this stuff won't be


you just click on welcome and rules go

ahead and read through the welcome and


section here then you go down to the

bottom and click this

check mark whenever you have read

everything and you if you agree

once you click that then you can go

ahead and choose

go into the set rank spot here

in the set rank place you can go ahead

and choose whether you are

n a or which region you're in so i'm

going to choose n a

then you can go through and you can

choose if you want news or not but right

here you'll see the section

where you can choose which console or

platform you are on

so you can choose pc xbox playstation or


i went ahead and chose a pc here

and once i did that i can now scroll

down to the bottom here

before the voice channels so once you

scroll down here you'll be able to see

the section for

looking for a group and this is where

you can find groups for

raids crucible or other things on the pc

because that's what i selected in the

roles section but then we'll also see

the clan recruitment section here where

i can click into pc clans

and we'll see that there are a bunch of

posts here from clans and you know they

post their requirements they post what

they're about

and they also post their discord links

and join codes for destiny things like


so you can simply scroll through here

and have a look and see if any of these

clans are something that you're

interested in

so those are five different ways that

you can go through and look for clans

there's the one in-game way and then

four ways that you can go through using

websites discord

and the bungie official websites to go

through and find the perfect clan for


now if you guys need more help in

destiny 2 feel free to check out the

playlist which i will link on screen

right now

which has a ton of useful videos for new

destiny 2 players thank you guys so much

for watching

have a great day everybody

and let it marinate it's time to hustle

gotta muscle up