How to make a clan in call of duty ww2

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hey what's going on guys welcome back to

over here it's searching and today we're

gonna be talking about how to make a

class in ecology world war two and I

actually made a video very similar to

this two years ago where I talked about

how to make a clan and bury it is

deleted I didn't tell you much my very

old videos I don't know why I just ended

up happening but anyway let's get

straight into it so the first and the

easiest way is going to clan tag and

make a tag so for me I got this tag


TXE and you know it's a nice little tag

that me and my friends have it just

means toxic it's not a climber but if

you want to do that make sure all your

friends have that it's kind of like a

more unofficial clan but it kind of

works anyway the next thing you do is

going to emblems and making emblem for

your clan and then share affirm that and

tell them to do that right now they do

not have the sharing ability to share

balloons and that's a problem because if

you make a really good emblem for your

client you can't really share it they

just gotta copy it so for now you just

gotta make it and make everyone copy

that but in the future I'm looking

excited for all the other possibilities

you can have so the last thing you can

do is to make a YouTube page and a

Twitter account pretty much you can post

integers and stuff that's how you grow

your clan and make sure that people know

what your clan is you know over time

they might get big anyway guys thank you

so much for watching I hope this helped

a bit I know that it's pretty empty and

this not much you can do but hopefully

they can expand on clans more in the

future and make it a bit more

easier to tell if somebody's in the Klan

or not but for now i'll see you guys

later please like and subscribe for more

videos thanks guys