Clicker Heroes Guide: Clans

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w2 but ladies and I'm here and welcome

back to my cookie realest guide once

again today we're gonna talk briefly

about clans so what happens with clans

is what do you beat zone 250 which we

can go do real quick well beat we lock

this new tap but you got to come up with

a nickname and we'll call it will be

easy llama touch for tutorial pop in

there and it'll let you either create a

clan for 50 gems which I highly do not

recommend we actually have some claims

of our own if you join the discord we

have the rules and what you need to

follow to kind of join that as there are

restrictions but you can do that you

can't change your nickname when you're

in a clan but you could find other clans

so we could go to find clan and we can

find a random clan oh is that not

working maybe that feature doesn't work


you can type in a clan name so for

example I'm pretty sure we are all full

but if we type in elimination we can

search for it I'm almost positive so

yeah it's full so you'll see this is

where you know my main account and you

search through the clan you want you

join it and in there you can get the

fate of boss and that boss will reward

you your your clan will fight it all

together it's a raid boss I'm normally

only one person has to do it honestly

nowadays it's just the way it is but if

you fight that together and you can earn

hero souls which help you out immensely

and it just kind of adds up over time

late-game it really doesn't do a much

much for you we could even see we can

get into a clan real quick right so what

I did is I requested into one of my mods

from my discord is starting a clan

called retired llamas mainly for people

who get kicked out of the clans but

still want to be in them after they

reached their 500k mark but I'm sure you

know she's willing to accept kind of

whoever if you guys are interested if

our clan spots are full of mean this

won't make it into videos but um yeah

I'm will be hanging out in this for a

bit so this is what the clan page looks

like there's a message board you can

chat normally we known users in our four

main clans we always do that in the

discord pretty much everything we do is

in the discord there settings all Jews

leave clan unless you're the clan leader

which I'm not really gonna explain that

there's not much in there other than

kicking people and making someone else a

leader you give you the members of

course you see today's raid here which

is a thousand damage we're not gonna be

able to do that but if you come in here

we can click we actually do zero

we have nothing so that's not gonna work

oh I didn't realize we did zero damage I

forgot it's based up yours olace so you

actually need heroes so let's to be able

to do any damage but every hero so you

have gives you one immortal damage and

that'll allow you to actually click and

do something so what I'm gonna have

Carrie do is actually beat this force so

we can claim some hero's souls which

would then help us and we'll have a hero

so's video shortly alrighty so if we go

back to today's raid now you'll see that

it's it was killed there's no attack

anymore it's it's just collect reward

which at our level not being ascended at

all we only can click one hero soul

which isn't gonna do a ton for us and

I'm not gonna actually explain this

right now Mystikal isn't the whole other

side of things which we will look into

and we will make use of and we actually

got a really good start there but I'll

talk about that in another video when we

talk about heroes souls I want Matt and

I kind of had to get them but that's

kind of the basics of clans it's this

little tab here you can view yesterday's

rate as well as well as collect that

raid and then if you want to leave you

just pop in there and you leave

occasionally you have to refresh if you

want to see the new members I believe

again Kari is looking at me like people

around 500 k plus as far as zones but

again these won't be featured in our

videos just so you guys know these

aren't going to be like in the Klan

kinda Sunday stuff that we do over on

the main series but that's basically

everything I have on clans guys there's

not much else to it if you guys have any

other questions feel free to drop them

down below if you guys enjoy please make

like button and as always I'll catch you

in the next one peace