Clash Of Clans: How To Join A Clan And Clan Tips (iPhone/iPad)

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clash of clans is fun on your own but

the entire game is built around joining

a clan and working together to climb the

ranks here is a brief explanation of

clans and how to join them although you

might want to jump right into a clan as

soon as you download it isn't that


you must first build your clan castle

which is a pile of rubble in your

kingdom ok so now you're ready to join

your clan there are a few ways to do

this the most popular being going in the

global chat and posting that you need a

clan there are plenty of people posting

in the global chat looking for members

to join their clan check them out and

see if they work for you you can always

check your game centre friends and see

if anyone else you know is playing clash

of clans or if you really want start

your own clan it costs 40 thousand extra

gold but if you are looking to be the

leader this might be worth choose wisely

and don't be afraid to try out a few

there will be a good source of knowledge

and most importantly valuable troops

these troops will wait patiently in your

clan castle until you call upon them in

battle or if they sense your village is

being attacked use the dialog box to let

your clan know you need specific troops

always try and return the favor

actually not always if you're

high-ranking elder requests troops ask

first before donating your level 1

balloons there you have it guys a crash

course on everything clans in clash of

clans if you have any more tips for new

players drop us a line below