Black Ops 3: How To Join/Make A Clan

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hey guys bear here and today I'm showing

you how to make a clan in black ops 3

so basically i'ma show you from the very

beginning the main menu I'm at the very

main menu right now you're gonna press a

of course what a multiplayer or zombie I

think it doesn't matter go to public

match anywhere you can press Y to go to

social anywhere you can do that so just

press y go to social and it's groups

you'll see the group's option you can uh

your invites her over to the right I see

I have one invite from this guy in his

clan and these are all the groups you're

in and this is where you can see groups

you can search like any group name you

want such as mine you can go to popular

groups there's tons of popular groups

like team tmartn and blah blah blah and

you can see your friends groups up there

or you can go down and create a group

any emblem you want or whatever you do

whatever you want but or you can go

ahead and search mine which is Game of


there's eleven of us and we play a lot

um we're all like master prestige and I

just want to grind like games just

search up Game of Thrones it's free to

join you can just join right away so

just send a request and you'll be in

instantly and then just send us a

message and play with us any time so

it's hidden bear I'll see you guys next

time bye