How To Join Team Livid (Join a Fortnite Clan)

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yo what's going on guys it's livid hypex


and in today's video we are proud to

announce our first recruitment challenge

for project livid

in this recruitment challenge we are

looking to pick up all types of players

such as trick shotters

streamers content creators editors

designers and competitive players

i will be releasing the baseline

requirements for each position starting

with content creators


we are looking for content creators who

are putting out two high quality youtube

videos a week

quality and entertainment should be the

main focus for this position remember

that you must be consistent on your post

schedule on all

socials and make sure that you guys are

interacting with your community

along with using our hashtag lividrc in

your title or description of your videos

next we're going to be talking about our

trick shotters if you are a trick shot

or wanted to join team livid well this

is what you need to know

team livid will be looking for trick

shotters who go for unique and long


shots we want to see you posting at

least one to two shots weekly on any

platform of your choice

make sure that you guys are using

hashtag lividrc in either your title

caption or description

moving forward we're going to be talking

about streamers if you are a streamer

that wants to join team livid

well this is what we're looking for we

are looking for streamers who have a

unique personality and are always

interacting with their community

be entertaining and we also suggest that

you guys have a consistent stream


it doesn't matter to us if you do or do

not have a face cam

as long as you guys are entertaining

your stream that's all that matters to


for gfx vfx we are looking for top tier

modern designs and edits

we want to see original edits and

designs from you guys so get creative

and create a unique style for yourself

to stand out

and please make sure that you guys use

hashtag lividfx in your captions or


for our creative warriors we're looking

for creative players with unique retakes

or retakes that are well known with the

community with the fast speed of edits

that majority of people can't do

the team is also looking for players who

are constantly practicing

and trying to improve themselves along

with their skills

lastly for our competitive players we

will be keeping a close eye on

tournaments to look for grindr slash

players with consistent placements

we'll be looking for our competitive

players to be posting at least once a

week on youtube and being active on

either twitter

instagram as well and that is all that

needs to be said for the team livid new

year's recruitment challenge

if you guys have any questions about the

new rc then please join our discord


where you can communicate with our other

grinders owners

and members this will increase your

chances of joining team levitt as this

shows that you are dedicated into


our team and this recruitment challenge

will be ending on january 7th

2021 so make sure you guys get ahead and

start posting

again using our hashtags hashtag lividrc

and for our designers using

lividfx and that is all for today make

sure you guys have a good christmas and

happy new year

and i'll see you guys later take care