Destiny 2 Clans and How to Join them / Fireteams, Powerful Rewards and more!

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hey folks anumana here and if you're

watching this video you're probably

trying to figure out how to join a clan

or maybe reason why you would want to

join a clan so I'm gonna go over a few

places where you can actually find

recruitments or clans and also we're

gonna go over the features of clients as

well so stick around if you're new to my

videos maybe click Subscribe if you want

to get more of these beginners focus

guides on destiny too anyway let's jump

straight into it clans add more or less

another roster of players they'd be able

to join and play with also there are

some weekly rewards that we'll go over

and also you can get a personal reward

each week that's gonna give you some

pretty good loot but the main reason why

you want to be in a clan in my opinion

is the fact that you'll actually get

perks based on your banner and the more

people in a clan that are working

towards the clan experience the more I

guess clan perks that you can unlock as

you can see here my clan has currently

unlocked increased public event rewards

but there are a total of five rewards

the clan can access over the season

which is awesome makes it so much easier

so the rewards will come from Hawthorne

in the tower on the left side so you can

find her just perched up on the top of a

staircase but here is one of the clan

Ingram's if anyone in my clan goes

through the raid everyone in that clan

will get that reward we've also got

weekly clan bounties as well as some

other just non-plan bounties you can

also access here the rewards are pretty

easy to accomplish the hard ones will be

the nightfall and also the raid but you

get one from participating with other

clan mates in crucible or also in gambit

so worth playing together now there are

a few forums that you can find on the

bungee website the one I'm looking at

here is the clan finder or clan

recruitment for him you just go here on

I'll link it in the description below if

you want to go check it out lots of

people asking for clans here but there

are also clans that will put out

recruitment notices as well if they're

looking for new players to expand their

ranks so do check this out as this is a

good place to either let people know

that you're looking at throw a clan and

maybe what kind of player you are but

also define any class that might be

suitable for you next up we have the

Destinee - subreddits discord this is a

very big discord you can do things from

matchmaking through to just getting

information on maybe a good role on a

weapon but there are also methods of

setting your platform and they'll

actually access quite a bit more to the

discord so you can choose PC Xbox or ps4

and eventually I'm assuming it's gonna

have steadier - but what you want to do

is once you've set your platform is head

down to the bottom and you can see here

I'm looking at the PC looking for clans

and it's got lots of clan advertisements

so that you can find again the right

plan for you note that not every clan is

going to be a hardcore or a sweaty clan

there are a lot of casual plans that you

can find around the place so don't feel

like you need to be the best player to

join any of these clans as there are

gonna be some that will probably suit

you as a new player or a casual player

as well as those maybe you do want that

extra challenge with the more hardcore

clans just make sure you read all these

notifications and announcements and you

should be able to find one for you now I

did a little bit more googling and I

found the Destiny clan find a subreddit

again I'll link all these links below

this is another one where people are

posting their advertisement

notifications for clans and again a

great place to find plans so there are

plenty of ways online for you to find

the clan that's right for you you just

need to go out of the way to find one

myself personally I don't actually run a

clan myself so I can't really help you

in that regard but these are the places

where you want to look for a clan as

it's gonna make your life a little bit

easier and finally once you actually

join a clan you'll have access to a clan

chat a lot of fans tend to use discord

to chat and also the ability to get all

the information in the clan and if maybe

you find the clan isn't for you and

actually leave the clan if you wish to

from the clan page on the bungee website

so make sure you go and check that out

also if you know you want to get more

information we plan you want to see

what's unlock for the week or maybe you

want to find another clan and that is

everything you need to know about

getting into clans and also the basics

about how the clan system works again

make sure that you're working together

with your clan mates to unlock some

really awesome rewards and if this video

has been helpful a thumbs up will be

greatly appreciated as always you can

catch me

most days on twitch at slash

an Amana au I hope to see you on the

next video I'll catch you later have a

good one bye