How to Join in the Round with Circular Needles

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When you're working in the round on circular needles and you've finished casting on all

your stitches, you have to join these stitches and that's intimidating to some people. Because

look, it's all twisty and crazy, but it's really pretty simple. So you've had this needle

in this hand while you cast on your stitches. Keep it in that hand. Follow the bottom of

your stitches around, make sure that they're all facing into the center. It takes a little

bit of wiggling but it's okay. There, see? All of my stitches are on the needle in the

same direction, there's no twist, that bottom of that cast on edge is facing in all the

way around and now I'm ready to join to work in the round. I'm just going to go from where

I was casting on to the very first stitch that I cast on. I'm going to be sure not to

use--don't use the tail, don't start knitting with that, make sure you're knitting with

the working yarn--and I'm just going to knit that first stitch. And that's it, you're joined

to work in the round. Now, every stitch that you knit just goes round and round in spirals.

Nice and simple.