Joining in the Round

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hi Nancy here and I want to talk a bit

about joining in the round especially

new knitters after you've practiced

knitting on probably a mini washcloths

the first thing you probably will knit

in the round would be a hat and more

than likely you will use a 16 inch

circular needle like this or if it's

smaller you don't have enough stitches

you would be using double points what I

want to talk about primarily is when you

actually join in the round when you look

at your stitches this way and typically

you're working yarns coming off this

side and you would look at and say okay

I can just start knitting however if you

do that the only thing you're going to

accomplish is knitting another roll it

will not join it in the round your

needle and yarn your stitches have to be

with the working yarn coming off the

right needle that's the only way it will

join in the round the other thing that's

very important is you have to make sure

all your stitches are pointing in the

same direction because if it isn't it

will twist and there's nothing you can

do about it except rip it out and start

all over again so make sure everything

is good to go I have everybody the

little chain parts all in the center

what I do I like the join that's clean I

don't want a big long bar that runs in

between which often happens when you

knit and then start out it will cause a

big long bar and no matter how many

wrongs you nett it will always be loose

and sloppy so what I like to do is I add

an extra stitch if I need a tea I put on

a t1 and what I do is I take the first

stitch that's on that left needle this

is the extra stitch and I pass it as if

to purl I enter the stitch and I pass it

off of that left needle on to my right

just like that I take what was the first

stitch on the right needle it's the one

with the working yarn coming out of it I

answer that from the front and I'm going

to bring it right over the top of that

stitch I'm

down to the right needle then I'm going

to drop that off basically I just got

rid of that extra stitch I'm going to

pull both the tail and the working yarn

tight and now you have a perfect joint

you can add a marker if you so desire I

like to just use my tail to indicate

where my wrong begins and ends and you

can do the same thing if you're using

double points as well that's how I like

to join in the road