What's in a Cigar Club Box?

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>> Today's episode is brought to you by Privada Cigar Club.

>> Head on over to and sign up

for the first rare cigar of the month club.

They're trying to make cigars

into like the craft beer renaissance.

>> It's an experience.

>> The smoke gets even creamier and sweeter and reminds me

of when I would eat thick Greek yogurt

with honey drizzled on.

Towards the end the cigar becomes unbelievably creamy,

with black notes of tea, anise, and orange rind.

Bread and oak, at the very end something about it

reminds me of half and half, leather, oak, and vanilla.

And my mother.

That last part was not in there.


>> Well, smoking a cigar there, Freud.

Right on.

>> Dude I can't believe it's been almost two years

since we first learned about cigars.

>> About what?

>> Yeah, cigars. >> We did?

>> Yes. >> I don't even remember.

>> Last time we learned the fundamentals about the plants

and the different sizes and shapes

and the theory behind cigars.

>> There was a science to it.

>> Oh my god, yeah.

>> Most importantly, how not to be a chooch.

>> There's a pop quiz coming up, right?

>> This is a quiz?

Ugh, you didn't tell me.

>> All right, now there's no promise

that we won't be total chooches.

>> Oh, there's a promise that we will be.

At least one of us.

>> But I feel like this is our two-year quiz.

We learned about everything from how the plants

are harvested, to what makes

for a good cigar or a bad cigar.

We learned etiquette.

We learned how to get the most out of a cigar.

>> What type of wrappers they use.

>> Do you remember what a perfecto is?

>> It's kind of shaped like a torpedo.

It's wide in the middle and narrow at the ends.

>> I thought perfecto was the length of it.

About five to nine inches.

>> No, well maybe.

>> Yeah.

This is what I love about Brian over at Privada Cigar Club.

From what I've been told,

and I've not seen what's in either of these,

but they do a cigar of the month club,

and he wanted us to do an unboxing.

And I want to see number one how much hand holding

they do, whether or not an inexperienced cigar appreciator,

I don't even want to use the word aficionado.


>> No, you haven't even heard of that.

>> I know that the idea he wanted to put together

is nothing but rare cigars.

Each one a unique, individual experience.

And he talked a lot about how he wanted to tell the story

behind each of these cigars and how they came to be.

So I guess we just dive in.

Is that how unboxing videos work?

You just unbox?

>> I think so?

Oh, it looks classy.

Oh wow wow wow wow wow wow.

>> Okay, so we got three stories of three different cigars.

All right, so I'm going to guess that the idea is

you make an experience out of all of this.

Because I know the temptation is to be like, "words!"

Throw them, give me the smoke.

But of course, you want to know the back story

and you want to know what to expect in this.

This first one, man, I don't even know

what any of this means.

All right, so first of all, I assume the cigars are in here.

I assume every month you get three new ones.

I'm going to bet, oh look at that it's all nice and sealed up.

And it's got cigars in it.

This one's got the stuff to keep it humidified in there.

I like the thinner ones because I don't like getting hit

with too much too robust.

>> Well I'm a J. Jonah Jameson fan, so I like the big ones.

I hate Spiderman, you know I hate Spiderman.

>> How do we know which one is which?

I guess by the ring on each one.

This one says, "Red Screaming Sun."

So what's it say, there we go.

>> It automatically wins the most metal name.

>> Paul Stulac Red Screaming Sun

Privada Cigar Club exclusive 2019.

Let me take you to Halifax, Canada.

I've been to Halifax, Canada.

In your mind travel up to Maine,

then shoot across the stretch of water

in the Atlantic to a Canadian peninsula.

I love this.

He's painting a whole word picture.

You know what it reminds me of?

Of the J. Peterman catalog.

>> What?

>> From Seinfeld.

>> Oh yeah!

>> Tasting notes.

He says, "cold draw is sweet, peppery, and bready.

"First puffs release beautiful, broadly baked bread notes

"with an excess of spice on the retrohale."

I assume that's the where I think it goes up in your nose.

I'm diving in.

I also do the tiniest little snip in there.

Do you do a big one?

>> I try to keep it a little small.

I'm always afraid that I'm going to just destroy the cigar

because I destroy everything that I touch.

>> Oh, that's milder than I would think.

Now here's the part where I don't want

to sound like a chooch, so I would never talk this way

on the tasting notes because I don't feel qualified.

But I love that he is giving me a guide here.

So see if you can pick up an cedar, honey, or cream.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> He also says, "at times I want to say pine

"and another pungent note he cannot pin down.

"Deeper in, still a ton of bread notes.

"But there's a deep oak and now a citrus."

God, all I love all this stuff.

Pairing notes, Canadian whiskey, a good lager.

A Canadian whiskey because it comes from Halifax.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> This is great.

>> This kind of goes hand in hand with the way

the whiskey tribe approaches whiskey.

That every whiskey has its own story.

You know, you might want to enjoy this,

because since these are rare, this might very well

be the only time we ever get to smoke it.

>> Well, I think that's the whole point

of doing the rare thing, is like make every one special.

So it's like, oh I had that one experience

and now it's gone.

It's ephemeral.

Which to be honest, I don't want to say

it's a bad business strategy,

but it seems like that is a bold business strategy.

Where it's like, sell nothing but stuff

you'll never get again.

>> It's a lot better than grabbing a fist full

of them at the convenience store.

>> Yeah, agreed. >> Or Walgreens.

You want to split up on these last two?

They got whatever this one is,

and they got this one wrapped in a scroll.

I'm going to take the scroll one.

It's like a wizardly thing. >> I wanted one.

>> Whoa, you know what?

Actually I'm going to give it to you.

>> That looks like an artillery shell.

>> Yeah!

>> What is that?

>> It says, "Ichiban."

>> 2015, it's aged four years.

Made exclusively for Westside Humidor in Kansas.

>> That is a torpedo.

>> That's gigantic.

>> Yeah, you're going to do this one.

>> They say, "that if you're not from Kansas

"there's a good chance you've never seen this cigar before."

It was limited to 10,000 units,

so not a lot of them.

Ecuadorian wrapper, we learned about the wrappers.

And rolled in a Honduras.

I'm going to light it up.

>> Yeah, you dive into that.

And I guess that means I got this one.

Which must be the Avo LE Lost Edition.

Aged three years, 2016.

That is another thing, that the age matters.

Obviously at 100 years this will not be as good

as at three years.

What are you supposed to be getting out of that?

And what are you getting?

>> Okay, boxwood Spanish cedar, very specific,

on the body of the cigar.

Along with bourbon barrel soaked oak.

>> Go on.

>> Right?

>> It is comically huge.

I love this. [laughs]

Get me Spiderman!

>> I would have shaved.

I would have given myself a J. Jonah Jameson.

And a flat top.

>> Oh my god.

I'm going to try guessing what I'm tasting

and see how far off I am from his notes.

>> Okay, okay.

>> Oh, all right, forgive me, that's smoky.

It's got a bit more bite,

I assume because it's aged three years.

Maybe it's a little bit, I don't know.

I get kind of a dried leafy, fall,

campfire kind of vibe from it.

>> See I like the ones with bite.

>> Yeah, you'd probably like this one.

Let's see, here is what I'm supposed to get.

"Pre-light, the body has raw almonds and nuts."

I can get that.

Let's see, "in the second and third

"I get roasted nuts and florals."

That's very close to dried leaves.

Yes, I'm not a chooch.

>> Not a chooch!

>> I love having a tour guide because I just feel so lost.

I mean I know I enjoy cigars but I don't know what I'm doing

and I love the idea that they make it easy

for you to appreciate.

>> If you can't have a cigar sherpa on hand

like we've had in the past,

this is a great substitute because it really turns

it into an entire experience.

>> You know one of the things that surprised me the most,

in that entire learning about cigars saga that we did?

Was that study that said have one to two cigars a day

had virtually no measurable effect on cancer rates at all.

That was astonishing to me.

>> I may have upped my intake of cigars

a little bit after that.

>> Oh really?

>> As you well know. [laughs]

>> It did keep my daughter from giving me a hard time

about enjoying a cigar.

So where are you at on anything of the month clubs?

Like cheeses or caramel apple of the month club?

Which I'm going to create.

>> All of those things, sign me up please.

Christmas is coming.

Sign me up for any of those.

You know how I hate leaving the house,

so anything that brings delightful treats

to my doorstep, I'm in.

>> Yeah I'm sort of iffy on ever signing up for myself

for an anything of the month club, but I do like the idea

that you plug into a community.

But I know this much for a fact,

I have never, ever begrudged anybody signing me up as a gift

for an anything of the month club.

It really is one of those gifts that keeps on giving.

>> Is that a hint for someone to sign you up

for many gift of the month clubs?

>> I'm going to get some weird ass something of the month clubs.


I feel like of the two of us,

you have a more advanced cigar habit than I do.

But to me the idea of just three a month,

I can probably get away

with just three cigars a month forever.

>> That's actually probably about the limit.

That's about as much as I would smoke in a month I think.

And to have them all curated is cool

because often times I don't pick anything

because I don't know what I'm doing.

>> Shoot, so I guess now we just do the ad.

Thank you very much, Brian at

Sign up, get three cigars a month.

>> And join the community over at

>> Yeah, thank you for the cigars.

And the hand holding.

I value the hand holding even more than the cigars.

>> I would have paid for the cigars

so long as the next person tells me.

>> You could have called it

Sign up. [laughter]