What Are the First Steps to Becoming a Missionary?

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so a lot of people ask us what is the

first step I do to become a missionary

first thing you do is apply you have to

go on the globe website and actually

click on the button apply to become a

missionary now of course you may say

well I'm not ready to do that yet I've

got I've got other things so you know if

you're talking about background things

that has to do with engagement maybe

taking a short term trip with your

church or with some other church that

you know is making a trip to an area of

interest or a kind of work of interest

that you have there may be some

educational things that you want to do

obviously if you check in with us and

apply with us globe is going to guide

you in a process part of the application

process is for us to get to know you so

we want to know your background we want

to your family your if you're married

single if you have kids that kind of

detail because that helps us understand

kind of where you're coming from in your

journey also your educational background

will want to know what you've done

already that will be compared with what

we require and so that helps us get to

know you and where you are in your

journey of obedience and faith so go to

the globe website fill out the

application it automatically comes to us

and then we'll start looking at it and

praying with you and contacting you

about what needs to happen next once

you're approved as a globe missionary

then we we will ask you and schedule you

to come to Pensacola for what we call

Canada school now candidate school is

broken into to one week a little bit

less of experiences here at our campus

you'll come down for five to seven days

for CS 101 and CS 201 Canada school 101

candidate school 201 where we get to

know you and we walk you through all

kinds of details with regards to your

missionary appointment where we hear

from you what your vision is and you

hear from us and we talk back and forth

about this and talk about the business

of doing missions with globe

international it's a very fun upbeat

very inspiring experience and you learn

a lot about your own calling you set up

your own newsletter we set up your

finances we set a budget for you and

help you get your head or

how much do I need to do this a lot of

details of candidate school so my

encouragement to you and wherever you

are on that journey is start out step

number one apply and let us see where

you're at there's gonna be a process

you're not leaving next week even

applying today it might be a year or two

before you go but we that helps us start

walking in sync together and so that we

can help you on your journey of faith

and serve you along that path so take a

look at our website it's on your screen

check out all the details go ahead and

apply don't be afraid to do that this is

just the beginning of a long journey and

we'll walk with you and reach out to us

and share with us what your questions

are we'd be glad to walk with you on

this journey of faith