What is Choir Singing? with Alvin Fields

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hi welcome back to music school online

today I'd like to give you a few tips

because we're gonna be working on the

songs stay with me by Sam Smith I'd like

to give you a few tips on what the choir

experience is like vocally a lot of

young people come to me and they want to

learn how to sing and I'll listen to

them and they'll they'll feed me their

voice they'll give me an idea of what

they sound like and some some people

come ready-made and some people come and

they need a bit of work and they need to

learn some kind of a discipline in their

voice because you can hear

inconsistencies when they're singing my

favorite suggestion is are you in a

choir and they'll be like well I thought

about it let me tell you something

choirs are the best boot camps for

singers you can find a local church

around you first of all you're singing

early in the morning when you're in

performance mode and you've got to be

alert you've got to be on point and

that's a great point to have your vocals

intact that's one good thing about being

with a choir too you learn vocal

discipline because you have to learn to

unify your voice with others in a choir

you learn whether you're a bass an alto

a soprano

you'll learn your range you will know by

the time you're in a choir you will know

within three weeks whether or not you

are a singer you'll know whether or not

you can learn harmonies that's a great

place to learn harmonies because you're

pretty much very firmly disciplined on

your sections you'll be able to sustain

harmonies while listening to other

singers because a lot of choirs practice

a section at a time then you sing with

the choir and you'll pretty much hear

what the other people are doing but

you'll be pretty much locked into your

part that's the advantage you'll also

learn how to project how to protect your


a lot of people basically hear what they

hear on records and they think oh that's

the way I should sing all the time no no

no no no the choir is the bootcamp so

you will get a really good idea of how

to use your instrument in your perfect

example like I said the the lesson you

should listen to after this is stay with

me by Sam Smith of course if I were

singing a regular background part in a

recording studio I'd have to really

contain my vocals okay because it's a

smaller blend unless of course you're

singing with a choir in the studio

you're an example on the song stay with

me a background singer was saying here

they are on the voice that might be a

dynamic for the choir but on the large

part you'd be singing it completely

different they would want to hear you

okay so it would be something a little

more like

I see but darling stay with me so you

see there's a much more energy behind

what I'm doing if I were singing in a

choir I don't know that that would work

on a record with a lead singer I listen

to karaoke versions of this particular

song and trust me it was nothing like

the actual record because there were

only three singers singing and it was

when he would be wimpy in comparison to

the power of a choir so here's the deal

if you really want to learn your voice

and you want to learn how to harmonize

and you want that to become a very very

strong part of what you do I deeply

suggest you join a choir

okay the quieter if you can sing you

know whether you can sing or not you've

got a phone where you can record

yourself and get an idea of what you

sound like you know if you can sing and

key you know that as well because you

can listen and I'm sure plenty of people

have told you you know what stick to

your day job or stick to this to stick

to that so you'll know you'll know it's

when people tell you wow you got a

little voice on you you can sing if you

really want to develop that join a choir

it is boot I can't express this enough

it's a boot camp for good singers every

good singer you will ever see from

Whitney Houston to Mariah Carey to Tina

Marie to Luther Vandross

choirs they're all from choirs Aretha

Franklin choirs okay boot camp for

singers okay okay that's a heart listen

to what I tell you

Alvin fields music school on line I will

see you real soon