Tutorial- How To Join League of Legends Chat Room

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hey guys this is spots bit turning in

for my first video um so basically this

video is just going to be a tutorial on

how to join the league chat room I'm

going to get right to it since this is

probably being linked into my twitch

channel and we're going to use to figure

out how to join my chat room so you guys

can draw my games so I'm going to switch

scenes right now and then so basically

all you gotta do on the exit out of it

now a minute right now but i gotta do is

you go into this right here this panel

it's the middle one way next your

friends bar you hit that and then you

hit this little folder box right here

create or join a public chat room you

hit that SP OT spie space string I don't

think its case sensitive but I do it

with my caps anyways and then I had

joined and then now I'm in here anybody

also joins comes in the chat room if you

guys would like to make it so that you

always get into this chat room every

time you just log into week what you do

is you go to this little a cog Settings

button right here and you hit Auto join

on startup so I hope that this answers

all your questions on how to do it and

thanks for watching guys