Come Hang Out! | Chatroom | Game of War Fire Age

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what is going on ladies and gentlemen my

name is wolf and welcome see another

video so today I just want to talk about

what's happened with the chatroom the

pro member chat room so you guys did not

know we do have a chat room for all you

guys so you guys do want to talk with

other players for tips and tricks or

even about my youtube channel or

anything else about your personal life

or whatever feel free to join the pro

member chat room so if you guys don't

know how to spot pro man they're all you

can do is check out the description

below cuz all my videos will tell you if

you guys want to join feel free to do so

so here is the pro memory chat room so

it's pro spaceman there and also you

guys do not know how to join all you

need to do this is that from your city

viewer or its city free shirtless man in

the world Matthew but anyways in the

city of you just click on the shacks box

now click at the top left there is this

blue icon thing that has three stripes

click it and then down it says join the

room you can you split pro space ma nber

so provender and just hit going well

I've already in it so there's no point

so up what basically happened was that a

the chatroom got accidentally deleted by

the owner which was pro mac and the

reason why was because he was just

shaping things up for his account he was

clearing things off because he's gonna

do something as a count and he has to

delete at this chat room because we were

gonna do something with it but I

actually got deleted so it's back here

thanks to JMC so shout-out to GMC and to

all the others who going on like couple

hours later when he remade it so yeah

feel free to join the chat room guys I'm

usually on it from like time to time

before used to be on it every day you

just look for over three hours but now

you know time has been a shuffling

around so yeah so also shout out to

these guys right now uh scruffy Red

Queen sweetness who else there's also

Scarlett's Jose oh what's up oh yeah

scruffy by the way if you're watching

this if you was at scruffier tabby I

think stabby yeah it was tabby if you're

watching this leave me a comment or PM

on youtube on your like Lana

because he told me but I searched for

you like three weeks ago I just didn't

work out so yeah so yeah display silly

guy's yes do want to join feel free to

join the pro man-bird chat room my name

is wolf I'm signing out peace