Telegram Channels: How To Find. How to Search and Join Telegram Channel?

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glad to welcome you to the teller blog

channel at first glance the name of the

video seems clear and obvious but it's

not that simple with a favorite

messenger then I'm gonna tell you about

all the ways to find channels in

telegram and as a bonus tell you about

some bad tricks and life hacks related

to this let's go those who use telegram

know that there is no search feature on

the channel as such let's say you decide

to find a proper music channel but it

shows you only three options as far as I

understand the search like this is based

on the following idea the first two

results are the channels with the

largest number of subscribers and the

word in the channel name the third

result is a word in the log in with the

correct transcription here are some tips

for using the search box on telegram to

help you find the channel you're looking

for carefully check the community

username you want to subscribe to it's

particularly relevant for the ones

related to cryptocurrency the difference

may be in one letter if you don't know

the name

you can enter approximate words in this

case you're less likely to find the

channel you need the most reliable way

is to search straight by username it's

still unknown how accurate the search is

but a lot of users really want the

developers to upgrade it and I do hope

that sooner or later it happens let's

imagine what it could be like a search

that shows channels that you can search

by the popularity the number of

subscribers and so on and of course it's

gonna show more than three that would be

the perfect search but unfortunately

what you see is what you get therefore

now we're gonna look at all the possible

options for finding channels in a

different way

in fact it's a piece of cake we type the

telegram channels catalog in Google and

we'll get websites with directories

natsot choose whichever you want but

then it's not that easy most of these

websites are often irrelevant and full

of ads that is the channel's pay them in

order to be ranked higher in the feed

therefore look carefully at what the

channel recommends to you or it's just a

net the search for channels in telegram

I suggest using the Tala matter dot IO

website it's a project with open channel

statistics brand ratings and more it

also has a couple of exciting features

we're going to talk about now for

example you can find channels in various

languages the website also has a search

by category number of subscribers

advertising price and so on more

importantly the list is sorted by the

number of subscribers and there you can

see the channels growth the number of

usable publications our changes etc by

clicking on the channel you immediately

get the statistics and recent

publications you can easily evaluate the

quality of posts to understand whether

you want to start a certain channel so

it's evident that this resource should

be taken into account and you should use

it for search and other websites could

play a dirty trick upon you

they often offer to sign in telegram

through some kind of web client it might

look like an official client from

telegram and be even identical but as

soon as you sign in through it it

immediately begins to subscribe to some

unknown channels which is not very nice

therefore be careful when using these

clients so if you need an honest and

truthful territory with channels in

telegram telemeter dot IO is at your


as you could have noticed it might seem

that finding a channel in telegram is

simple but in fact it turns out that

without introducing an advanced feature

for this the developer's fate its users

for eternal torment

I hope the situation will improve very

soon and now please share in the

comments your most effective way to find

channels in telegram give this video the

thumbs up if you found it useful that's

it for today thank you for watching

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