Join a Channel on Slack

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how to join a channel on slack you can

join a channel on slack by going into

your channel settings and selecting any

default channels available to you if

you're a team administrator you can also

edit which channels will be available

for team members to join joining a


open a browser and sign into slack

you'll need to enter your team's name to

do so WH dot performance dot mark step

one underscore rendered

click the channels option on the left

side of your screen this will open the

channel browsing menu channels as

located directly beneath the team name

section ctrl + shift + tapping LPC

command + Shift + tapping L Mac

review your channel options beneath the

channels you can join petting you'll see

a series of channel names belonging to

your team

click on the channel you wish to join

this will launch a preview of the

channels content allowing you to make a

final informed decision before

committing to joining the channel if you

have a lot of channels to sort through

you can click the sort by bar to the

right of the search channels bar at the

top of the screen and pick a filter eg

creation date

click join channel at the bottom of the

screen to join the channel you can also

tap return to do so

enjoy your new channel if you believe

you've joined the channel in error you

can leave it at any time from within the

channel by clicking the gear symbol at

the top of your screen and clicking

leave hash channel name