3 Reasons to Join a Local Chamber of Commerce

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okay let's talk today about how joining

your local Chamber of Commerce can

actually help your online marketing

efforts wait what what did he just say

joining the chamber can help my online

marketing yeah it's true

we're going to go over three ways that

joining your local chamber of commerce

can actually help your online marketing

efforts the first one is the online

directory itself when people move into a

new city oftentimes they look to their

local Chamber of Commerce for goods and

services because they don't they don't

have any now they move from a different

state or a different city and so they're

looking for a new dentist they're

looking for a new person to cut their

yard different areas of the home and if

you have your listing on the online

director in the chamber then your one of

the resources they can call and research

to see if you want to be a right fit for

them and that leads me to the second

benefit of joining the local chamber

which is for the SEO game that you get

what I mean by SEO is search engine

optimization or the ability to be found

in a search engine such as Google or

Bing so when someone types in lawn care

service in Allen then you'll show up and

you get the benefit from joining a local

chamber because Google recognizes local

directories and local chambers as having

their reputable site to have your

website on and the more sites of value

by Google that you have your website

listed in the higher your website's

going to right now I want to make sure

that we're clear let's stop down for

just a second if you go and join your

local chamber right now and put your

website on there you're not going to

magically be number one there's several

other factors that go into your your

ranking but that is going to be another

one you can check off it's it's another

ranking factor the other things you know

we can definitely sit down and talk

about those things we can help you with

those as part of our service but by

joining your local chamber you are going

to get a high quality link and locally

anyways the third one and probably the

most important

when you sort to network with people

when you go to the Chamber meetings I'm

a part I'm a proud member of the Allen

Fairview chamber and it's really helped

grow my business through word of mouth

but and also people start to to be

friends with you on Facebook and start

to like your Facebook pages and follow

them on Twitter so you're gonna start to

grow your network organically through

people that you meet and not only that

when you start exchanging services

within the chamber by going to different

again you have to build a relationships

in person go to the networking groups go

to the ribbon cuttings go to the

after-hours events and things like that

and really get to know people they'll

start to trust you and when you are able

to provide them with services if they

ask then typically they'll be the ones

to want to review you to because they

see you all the time you gave them great

services the more reviews yet online the

better that your business looks online

but you can grow your audience us it's

it's a slow process but you can grow it

organically because these people know

you you want to like their page

typically they'll reciprocate that just

another way to grow your sphere of

influence online by these in-person

relationships those three reasons why I

highly recommend as a business owner

that you really consider joining your

local Chamber of Commerce that really

help you or your business in person but

also it will directly affect your online

marketing efforts as well