How To Become a Pro Call of Duty Player in the CDL! (CoD League)

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what is good everyone it is your boy

attached and welcome to a brand new

video today there will not be

any gameplay in this video we're going

to be talking about as you see in the


how to become a professional call of

duty player in the new

call of duty league i made a video about

a year ago i would say

talking about uh how to become a pro

player and that was kind of like the old

format before we turned into a franchise

league there's city-based teams now in

the league

and there's a lot of stuff that has

changed and i just want to give you my


because i've learned new things since it

started i'm sure a lot of you have

like seen it change as well so i just

want to give you my tips

we might hear some old ones that we

talked about in the last video

but you have to think about it there's

going to be a lot of new people watching

these videos and i want to give them the

tips too

so thank you for all the love on the

last video i think he has almost close

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and uh yeah that is just crazy so it was

definitely time for a part two

of how to go pro and call of duty and in

the new league

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with this video it's the same thing you

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try my best to answer them because i'm

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every single little thing and i'm sure

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to get to it but without further ado

let's get right into this video i got

some notes on my phone right here

and uh we are going to tell you how to

become a professional call of duty


sorry uh if you are under 18 and you

cannot compete in the

cdl events the home series the little 2k

or like the 2k tournament

uh whatever you can't compete in when

you're 18 my advice to you because i was

once in your shoes

luckily enough i was able to go to

events when i was 18 and right when they

switched it to you had to be 18 to

compete i was still i was 18 so i was

able to compete so i got very very lucky

i had good cod timing

um but i would say the best thing to do

play snd tournaments

take those over get those repetitions

get those practices you've seen people


simp grundy snd tournaments he went bro

he was nasty world champion first season


all that good stuff now you see schatzy

he was playing halo he switched to cod

in black ops 4 was grinding snd

tournaments in black ops 4

made connections him and italy were

playing high roller high roller child

smd child all the time

look where he is now one of the best

players in the game and uh arguably

another mvp

so it that's really all it takes like

play us in d tournaments

try your best at them make connections

and then just keep improving also you

can play tens you can play all the other


and a lot of people might be wondering

like who do i play tens with who do i

scrim with

find a community find a community of

people whether it's on twitter

or you can even do it in my discord

there's a lot of people that watch my

streams watch my youtube videos and we

have a discord

and all my supporters are in there so

i'll put the discord down in the

description down below also comment

in the comments down below you can join

the discord it's free you don't it

doesn't cost anything to join

you can just hang out in there and you

can find some people to play tournaments

with tens with

cdl playlists whatever it may be and you

can start small as well too

you can play cdl playlist to start you

can then go on to start playing gb


you could then go on to start playing

wagers put a little bit of money on the

line get plain better competition

because that's what it's all about you

want to play better competition

as soon as possible because when you're

playing better competition you're going

to improve more your reaction time's

going to get better

your awareness of the game's going to

get better and you're just going to be

in that mindset of yo i'm playing really

good players

i got to play a little bit better and

the more you just play against them the

more you practice against them

you're going to improve as well another

one is invest

in your setup this one's kind of

difficult because i know a lot of people

are young

but if you aren't young and you do have

a little bit of cash you can get better


having good internet is a very big help


a headset to hear things in game a


whether you can play claw or you can use

a scuff you can use code attached for

five percent off on scuff gaming


uh they're important because they have

like back paddles and stuff like this so

you see

the back paddles i do not have to move

my hands to jump i could just hit

my left paddle and i'm jumping like that

then i have the digital tap triggers you

see how they barely move

it's like mouse clicks pretty much and

then the military-grade grip regular

length scuff sticks

and all that good stuff i have some set

of videos you guys want to see more in

detail about my setup but like i said

like once again you can use code

attached for five percent off all scuff

gaming purchases

and then also a monitor a monitor is the

biggest difference when in black ops 2

i did not have a monitor i was playing

like good online then i got a monitor

and i became a sick joke i won like the

last online tournament

in black ops 2 that which led into ghost

and i was a sick

online joke in black ops or in ghost as


and then i transferred to land because i

practice at tons of tons of lands but

we'll get to that in a second what do we

have next

on this list so we've covered that we

covered that we covered that

okay here's the thing you want to do you

want to keep you want to play as much as

possible you want to play tents you want

to play snd tournaments you want to play

wagers you also want to go to local

lands when you can

that is what helped me probably the most

in my career um i

always love playing online panel land is

the best thing ever so even playing


and growing up with not the best

internet back in the day and being from

california when a lot of people were in

the east coast

playing like in the tournaments and

stuff it really helped to just get so

much land practice in

black ops 2 mw3 because i was just like


in that environment so when i went to

these big major events i wasn't nervous

i mean i was a little nervous because

like it's my first time playing on land

like in a major event

but i was like used to it i knew what to

expect i knew how to like feel like i

that's why i played so well in these

major events

when i went there because i had went to

probably over

15 to 20 local lands before i even

attended my first

uh okay maybe i guess probably like 10

local lands before i went to my first

big event which was the mlg anaheim in

black ops 2. so just repetition

repetition repetition and that

consistent practice is so

so important to just become a better


and be more comfortable in different

environments that aren't just your home

your setup with all like your office and


what do we got next and now we're

getting to the more advanced

things um you really want to learn a lot

as much as you can

from pro players or the top team top pro


watch their streams watch their youtube

videos if they have like tip videos

about going pro or like uh

in-game stuff like shots he put a

movement video up that's a really good

video to watch and learn shots

is the best movement in the game so you

can learn a ton from him and then she's

like and then

octane he makes youtube visit as well

he's a very good ar player you can learn

how to play our ar from him

all these different players have

different roles and are going to teach

you different things that's why it's


because when i was coming up i was like

yo i want to learn something from like

each of these pro players and take parts

of their game and add it into my game so

that i could

become an all-around better player so

you could do that you can watch their


and listen to what they're saying in

their streams when they're talking about

breaking a hill

holding a hill or if they're playing sd

tournaments getting the timings

their clutch situations like their

setups on the hills and like trying to

look at the little details

and then take that into your gameplay

tell your team about that and that will

only help you

improve as a player and help your team

improve as well

okay so the next one is this comes down

to just working hard uh putting the

extra time in

shooting bots get warmed up shoot bots

for your plane

play extra tens after your scrims play

snd tournaments after play wagers like

put that extra time in

because you never know when your chance

is going to be you might play a pro


one day in an snd tournament and this

guy's like oh my god

this guy this amateur player is frying

me i

need i want to play with this kid more

and then they take you under their wing

you start playing terms together you win

you get those connections and that who

knows where your career goes from there

i actually met this guy named g bursted

he's a really good snd player in modern


i literally met him because i tweeted

out no one could beat me

on the tl in a 1v1 snd right now he

tweeted me

wanda playing me i didn't end up playing

him or anything but i went to his

twitter page

i clicked on his youtube link in his

twitter page and he had a 1v1

versus italy for like 500 i saw him i

watched the youtube video i was like oh

this kid looks really good

and then i hit him i was like yo let's

play sd tournaments and then we've won a

ton of tournaments we've won a couple

big s d tournaments and so it just goes

to show

you should also like put the extra time

in and then if you can

record videos for youtube record your

highlights for twitter

stream if possible if you do have like

the internet and the capability to do

that because you never know who's going

to be watching

someone could be watching uh that's the

manager of

the sub liners or a manager of the

chicago huntsman

like you know what i'm saying anyone

could be watching and you just never

know who's gonna watch and who might

take notice of your talent

they see you do really good in a couple

series of tens in your stream

and then they see you when a couple of

smd online tournaments they see you do


in the amateur events next thing you

know they're getting hit up because they

want to add you to the pro team maybe

just put you on the bench for now maybe

have you as a substitute

or they want to actually add you to the

roster how many people have we seen this

year in modern warfare

get added to a roster matt got it to new

york o awakening got added to florida

they got

draza and hollow the recent pickups for

optic gaming just

so many new faces getting into the pro

league all because they were grinding

playing tens snd tournaments team

scrimmage getting their name out there

getting noted getting recognized and

also playing good and then improving

their game that's why it's so so

important um

here is more of an advanced one when you

start playing the cdl home series events


each time you guys see a professional

tournament going on there is like a home

series tournament going on

as well so there's the challenger

division and they are playing it's kind

of like old 2ks

they're playing for money and also

points i believe for

champs i i don't know for sure but we're

just playing in those tournaments

getting well i know the phase academy

teams won a bunch um

wait wait wait wait excuse me sorry

about that

faze academy teams won a bunch and now a

couple of their players are on the brink

of becoming professional players

uh just because everyone takes notice of

that like whenever

uh my team is chilling before our

matches earlier in the day we will watch

the amateur or the challenger teams play

in those tournaments like

parasite has been streaming those he's

been doing really well a lot of people

have been in those challenger events

doing really well so if you really

that's when like you're getting to like

the top level where you're about to

become a professional player and get in

and get into the uh in the colleague and


so make sure like you get your team you


go over hardpoint go over domination go

over smd whatever the game modes are

and then get to those tournaments do

well and that will be the biggest

thing for your name to just uh do well

in those home series events here's the

last thing i'm gonna talk about

is re-watch okay listen to me re-watch

your scrim gameplay your tournament

gameplay turn on gameplay is the best

because that's when everyone's trying

their hardest

so re-watch your tournament gameplay of

situations you could have played better

be like wait i took a bad angle on this


i should have slid canceled the corner

instead of trying to jump the corner

and it could be anything yo i should

have waited right here and

called for my teammate to help me we

could have team shot at this angle

instead i just solo child died and they

got control of this area of the map

re-watch your game play at literally

every single match we've played whether

we've won or lost

me and uh other people on my team and a

lot of players just

will watch their matches back and

especially now that the matches

are you literally play from our

apartment of course from um the like the

coveted stuff like the cam and he lands

right now

i literally will play a match with

either win or lose and i'll instantly go

back into the vaude and just re-watch

and be like

how do we mess this up or how do we play

this good take note of how we played it


make a mental note of it and be like

okay yo guys we did we did well in this

situation here's what we did

or yo we messed up this situation you

should have waited for a teammate to

come help you you should have called for

help you should have threw your stun

banked it off a wall you guys are like

any little thing to help improve your


improve your teammates game and that is

just so so important no matter where you

are in your career whether you're

uh just getting started it helps to

watch your game play back whether you're

the best player in the world which you


if you are you're probably not watching

this video right now but it still helps

to watch

your game play back there's nothing bad

that comes out of watching your game

play back and then also like i said

earlier in the video

get tips from like the other pro teams

that are playing like i still watch

streams and learn a lot from

other pro players and pro teams or

people even playing tens i learn

uh new cool angles or new cool plays or

what spawns people out like whatever it

may be

i'm just always trying to and learn and

uh get better at the game and that's the

most important thing you can do

put the effort in and a lot of the time

you will find

some success other people might find

some more success but

it's all good everyone's different

everyone's different story different

timeline for their careers and their

gaming careers and stuff

so just put the time in and hopefully it

will pay off because it's not easy to do

but it's definitely rewarding if you

can't make it and hopefully this video


help you uh and your chances of becoming

a professional player in the new call of

duty franchise league

thank you guys all for watching you made

to the end you are a real one i will see

you guys in the next video and as always

my detached and i'm out peace