Join a foundation Chain WITHOUT twisting!

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hi I'm Sarah and welcome to rich

textures crochet on YouTube

let's crochet something beautiful today


hello everyone I'm Sarah rich textures

crochet and welcome there comes a time

in many crochet errs lives when they

will be asked to make a foundation chain

that is a specific length and then they

will be asked to join that chain in the

first chain to form a ring and the trick

when you're making these rings is always

keeping your chain straight and not

having a twist so that when you come

back to work in it

your stitches are straight and your

chain is nice and straight and even so

today we are going to learn a couple of

techniques that I have used when I am

working foundation chains and then asked

to join them in the first chain a couple

techniques to help you keep it from

twisting so thank you so much for

joining me if you haven't already please

subscribe to my youtube channel I like

to update it weekly with crochet stitch

tutorials and patterns so for the first

technique that I like to use today you

are going to start by making your

Slipknot and chaining a certain number

of chains so whatever number of chains

your pattern calls for this technique is

great if you have a chain that you need

to join that's not too too long so I I

think between the 30 and 40 chain range

this is the one that I tend to use when

I'm just joining a smaller foundation

chain so you make your chain as long as

you need to whatever the pattern for

calls and then what I do you can see

here it's all twisted now I don't want

to just join because then when I work my

stitches into it the chain and the

foundation row there will also be

twisted so I don't want that

what I want to do is I want to make sure

it's nice and straight so if I have a

shorter chain what I will do is I will

take my thumb and I will place it over

these back bumps here on on my chain and

then I will slowly run my fingers along

that chain making sure that my thumb

stays along those back bumps just like

so and you can see my chain

straightening out then when I come to my

final stitch I simply bring it around

insert my hook and then join with my

slip stitch that is the first method

that I will sometimes use when I need to

join in that first stitch to keep my

chain from my foundation chain firms

from twisting now this second two

technique that I'm going to show you is

a great way to keep your chain from

twisting if you are working many many

stitches in your chain so for instance

in my winter frost headband I ask you to

make a foundation chain of 65 which you

will fur which you will then join in the

first chain with a slip stitch so 65

chains is quite a few and again I don't

want it to twist because I want that

foundation chain to be nice and straight

so what I am going to do is I'm going to

start by cheating ten

six seven eight nine ten and really it's

just a number that you feel comfortable

with and that you were confident that

you would be able to join without having

it twist so it could be ten it could be

fifteen today I will do ten then what

I'm going to do is I'm going to remove

my crochet hook from that loop and I'm

going to instead insert it in that first

chain that I made so I'm going to insert

it in that first chain then I'm going to

bring my working loop around and I'm

also going to put that on to my hook

then if you take a look at your chain

you can see it's nice and straight now I

have ten chains but I need a total of 65

so what I'm going to do is I'm just

going to continue on from the ten and

continue to chain make make my chain

stitches so I have ten I'll just

continue eleven twelve thirteen and so

on and as I'm doing that I'm only

bringing that leap through that first

loop on my hook the other first chain is

still back here out further on the shaft

of my hook and I can just continue to

make my chains as many as I need even if

you needed a hundred you can just keep

making your chain as long as you need

keep that first chain on the shaft of

your crochet hook

and then once you've come to the number

of chains that you require for the

pattern that you are working and it

comes time to join in the first chain

stitch all you have to do is with that

loop up here by the hook of your crochet

hook you're just going to pull that loop

through the tail end of your foundation

chain and that's all there is to it now

if you look back at your chain you can

see and that it is nice and straight and

you're going to be able to work in it

without worrying about it twisting as

you go those are the two techniques that

I like to use when joining my foundation

chains to make sure that they don't

twist so thank you so much I hope you

found this tutorial helpful if you did

please give me a thumbs up and feel free

to share it with your friends thank you

so much for joining me in happy

crocheting until next time