Catholic Know-How Series - Church Etiquette

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another year fill of baptisms communions

marriages and sadly funerals many of

these events require attendance at a

church and for Catholics and

non-catholics alike for those who have

been in churches for years it's been

causing feelings of dread how do I

behave what should I do

well let's spread your seats to show you

I'm gonna bring the door first thing

you'll see is a porch use this space to

prepare before entering the body of the

church other religions have set rules

from entering their holy places the Jews

put on a kipper before entering

synagogue and the Muslims take off the

shoes three Catholics need to know

proper etiquette for entering a holy

place for we believe that in the

tabernacle of the altar resides our Lord

body blood soul and divinity

therefore we must follow certain rules

to respect this user's feast and of

course to prepare yourself before

entering the church first things first

please put your phone on silent airplane

mode or just switch it off these can

distract the faithful another thing is

no eating or chewing gum take out your

gum and put it in your pocket man should

remove their house for a woman in the

past they would encourage two-element

Ella this practice is now slightly

outdated but women can still wear house

mortis tea is another consideration

please don't win anything that is too

revealing or has explicit messages or

the t-shirts these can be distracting or

entering the porch you will see a holy

water font this is holy water blessed by

priests when you dip your hands in it

and make the same of the cross this is a

Sacramento pushing part grace to the

believer holy water remains us of our

union with Christ in Baptism and also a

symbolic of us washing away our sins

purifying ourselves

editing ajosh please note that

non-catholics do not need to do this you

are now ready to enter the body of the

church but before taking your seat

please genuflect in respect for the

presence of the Lord and the tabernacle

you wouldn't enter somebody's house and

set right down in their coach before

saying hi to the owner it's the same

with our Lord here present in the Bison

Sacrament Catholic should make a

reverent genuflection on one knee before

the tabernacle making the same of the

cross as well if the host is present in

the monstrance in the center of the

altar there should be made on two knees

there are no special seats and the

church aren't weddings there are

sometimes a reserved seat at the front

for clergy and family this is simply to

make sure that the guests invited can

get a seat apart from that you can set

anywhere before mass begins it is proper

for Catholics to knew in silent prayer

to prepare one's heart remain before

Mass posture is important in church this

is not sure this isn't sitting at the

cinema we Catholics believe this is a

recreation of the unbloody sacrifice of

Calvary therefore our bodies must

represent that were thoroughly slouching

and yawning openly during Mass is

disrespectful something that may draw

attention to non Catholics upon entering

the church is the presence of starters

and people lighting candles and praying

at them

this is falsely misunderstood as

Catholics or worshipping status meeting

this is simply not true

start years and energies in our churches

are not unlike having photographs of

your grandparents or parents at home

they serve as a remainder of the great

examples of piety of men and women

throughout time in the church who have

served God and I know with them in

heaven where we pray for their


I'm Pierce remember no one's judging you

no one's going to ask you any questions

and certainly no one's looking at you

just remember that math is something you

don't have to sweat about if you just

follow proper etiquette