'I took an internship at a monastery' - BBC News

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I'm just a very normal guy I I didn't

come here because I'm particularly

eccentric or

unsuited to kind of modern cosmopolitan

life I came here for a number of reasons

I'm a practicing Catholic and my faith

means the world to me

but I am to all appearances and in

reality I hope a very normal

straightforward young man I'm a pub


the idea of coming to be a monk for your

whole life is don't even to explore that

it's daunting so we offer the

opportunity to taste that and to find

some sort of stable point in one's life

for a couple of months


it's very similar to student room it's

very simple and has everything that you

need and it's very quiet except it's a

very approximate location to the bell

tower which means you'll never oversleep

the first office of the day I filled

with a bed a desk which becomes very

important because reading is a key item

on the monastic menu it's a basic place

but it's it's more than sufficient for

what you need and it fits in with the

kind of way of life that's being

encouraged of trying to live as simply

as possible one can be confronted with

boredom or despondency but the goal is

to work through that and to get a little

bit of the taste of the quality of the

silence which the monks enjoy


you're not constantly pulled aside by

various things whether it's television

your phone dinging off there's a way to

just be stripped of a number of cares

that would pull your distraction and

attention away so that one can focus on

what one's doing always and entirely the

only thing that's next for you is the

time of prayer

are you having pray now yes that is the

the call for known which is the

afternoon prayer office thank you it's

possible to have a romantic or

unrealistic view of a nice apply flow do

you really want to do this is the

question it's not what do you know and

what sort of person are you or what are

your skills is do you really want to do

this we don't expect people to have a

particularly rigorous affiliation or any

particular knowledge of anything just an

open heart really this must be something

like the seventh or eighth time that

I've been at the Abbey I actually

couldn't tell you exactly what I put in

the Google search bar that led me to it

they make us happy really by being here

I suppose it's analogous if not

identical to the happiness you have from

having children

here's another generation learning the

things that you value you're passing it

on and there's a freshness

and to challenge also the perspectives

that they bring I come back to it almost

like someone comes goes to your

physician every few months to get my my

new dose to top me out for a little

while yes can be very sad when you're