Cartel Code: The Do's & Dont's of Being Affiliated | Cartel Crew

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yeah there is a cartel code and that's

the way we live our life P's and Q's

safety always be aware your surroundings

well as I come out the house I look out

my windows hey every single one of them

get off your phone look look at your

surroundings look behind you stop you

know stop texting while you're while

you're just walking you know to your car

first thing you do when you get in the

car is lock your door look six cars

behind you and memorize which cars are

there to make sure you're not being

followed if I make six left's it's a

circle so why you telling me you

know that I see that helicopter more

than once did they switch up cars I

could have sworn I saw that person last

night we can't really bring new people

around us we're very very private we

don't invite people to our house just

for security purposes you know and if we

do that we eventually will move like a

year later why is that car still there

is that a planted car are they talking

are they listening yeah the walls have

ears don't say too much well do's

and don'ts is we don't speak on it

nobody I mean nobody needs to talk but

there's always ass up for everywhere

meaning there's always a snitch you

don't snitch even when I was younger my

mom always told me you don't tattletale

on your friends you did something you

own up to it but you never snitch on

anybody that's exactly what happened to

us you know when we were indicted it was

just too many people that knew about us

and when someone gets in trouble they're

gonna find a way to get out of trouble

we just can't hire someone off the

internet to take care of our kid I don't

trust nobody with my child if I trust

somebody with my child is because I can

find a family member if I have to you

know usually a lot of people when you

have kids you have grandma or grandpa

yeah do you know you always have

somebody around you to you know help you

with your children unfortunately our

situations are completely different when

it comes to my children I don't mess

with anyone it's either my mom or my

oldest daughter of course and the major

cartels yeah everybody has relationships

with some type of authority figures I

mean even the I mean cops and

everybody's affiliated they can act like

they act like they don't but you know

everybody's affiliated somehow everybody

in Miami in our case we had a relate or

a relationship with the DEA cop he was

part of the payroll he would give the

brothers a list of houses that they were

gonna go bust for the brothers to go

bust them first because when it comes

down to it in the cartel it's not about

the money it's about who has more power

so for everybody and if you don't live



hey-yah is your boys season black ink

CEO if you don't know me the reason why

is you ain't subscribe to vh1 YouTube

channel at the end of the day you know

red nope that's the number one channel

on YouTube and if you don't got it I

guess you just watching number two