Joining a Skype (for Business) meeting + options

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you can join a Skype for business

meeting from anywhere as long as you

have access to the Internet but before

you join take a few seconds to check

your audio click the select primary

device button and then select audio

device settings select your audio device

and then click check call quality to

hear how you sound to check your call

quality record a short message after the


then wait to hear how you sound testing

testing how's that here's what I've


testing testing how's that if you like

what you heard then you're all set if

not check your audio device settings and

try again goodbye that sounded fine so

I'll just close the test service box and

click OK

Skype for business makes it easy to join

meetings I can join by selecting the

meeting in my Outlook calendar

I can join directly from an Outlook


or I can click the meetings tab in Skype

for business and then double click the


there are other options I can choose for

audio but I'll just keep it here I'll

check this box so that I don't see this

message again then I'll click OK

when you're in the meeting click the

mute button to mute or unmute yourself

if you want to change the audio device

in the middle of a meeting click the

call controls button

then devices and then select the one you


if you don't have Skype for business

installed the web app opens

automatically when you click join Skype

meeting the web app is a meeting only

version of Skype for business

once you click join the meeting the

plug-in installs automatically and

you're on your way what if you can't get

online at the time of your meeting

you can call in if the information is in

the invite all you need is the number

and the conference ID for more about

Skype for business go to